Few things in life are as certain as the uncertainty that comes with making football predictions.

No one would have predicted Aston Villa would beat Liverpool 7-2 and there are countless other wild odds that have come true in the history of the sport.

Middlesbrough earning promotion to the Premier League looked an impossible ambition when Neil Warnock took over the side. But Warnock has got fans dreaming of returning to England’s top flight.

We’ve looked at The Boro’s odds of going up and assessed the case for and against this happening, before offering our view of how the season will unfold.

What are the odds of Middlesbrough getting promoted?

Casino sites are the place to find Championship promotion odds. They use sophisticated algorithms to determine what the chances are of a team moving into the Premier league, using a wide variety of data points that go way beyond a gut feel for their prospects.

This is why the first thing we must do is look at what these websites are saying about the likelihood of Middlesborough earning promotion.

We checked the odds on offer by the best casino sites and this is what we found:

  • Bet365: 33/1 — sixth favourites
  • Mr Green: 20/1 — sixth favourites
  • 888 Casino: 20/1 — sixth favourites

Now, this comes with a couple of caveats.

Firstly, these are the odds of Middlesbrough winning the Championship, not of securing promotion. This, though, is a reasonable way of assessing the team’s chances of making the step-up, as it shows the bookies believe The Boro are the sixth best team in the division.

Secondly, these odds change all the time. This means it’s important to check football odds at the leading casino sites on a regular basis, as if the team goes on a long winning or losing run then they could look very different.

Reasons why Middlesbrough will beat the casino sites odds

The UK’s top sports betting sites think Middlesbrough are the sixth best team in the Championship. While it’s not as promising as you’d like, this is cause for optimism. Why? Because The Boro have Neil Warnock.

Warnock is a record-holding promotion specialist. He’s earned eight promotions in his career and taken three clubs into the Premier League — Sheffield United, Queens Park Rangers and Cardiff.

While he’s been pilloried by fans, commentators and journalists for his negative style of play, 2020/21 could be the perfect time for Warnock’s football to succeed. Teams are pressing less and the fixture list has never been more bunched-up.

This means Warnock will feel like a promotion is a distinct possibility and fans should share his optimism for Middlesborough beating the odds and earning promotion. 2021 can bring Warnock his ninth promotion.

Reasons why Middlesbrough won’t beat the top betting sites

Betting sites are tipping five clubs for promotion in 2021 ahead of Middlesbrough.

While the romantic in every fan wants to overcome the odds, there are reasons for these sites tipping other clubs. One of which is that it might be just too soon for Neil Warnock to work his magic and get The Boro promoted.

Warnock was appointed Middlesborough manager 23 June 2020. There were eight games left and the team was only out of the relegation zone on goal difference. The manager’s first job was to stay in the Championship, not to think about getting promoted from it.

Warnock has steadied the ship spectacularly. The Boro have moved up the table and are now biting at the heels of teams who started the season with the sole ambition of earning promotion, rather than securing safety and then looking to move upwards.

This means Warnock has done a fantastic job just to put Middlesborough in a position where the odds make them the sixth most likely team to move into the Premier League. The foundations are in place for Warnock to earn his ninth promotion in 2022.

Promotion to the Premier League is the sports update every Middlesborough fan wants in 2021. There are cases to be made for and against the team starting the 2021/22 season in England’s top tier.

However, one thing is certain in football — there are no certainties.

With this in mind and the progress Neil Warnock has made since becoming manager, we’re saying that Middlesborough can and will earn promotion in 2021.