The good news for Canadians is that you can order weed online in Canada through the post. Why, as it’s been legalized since October 2017. So buying your weed online is easier with the new regulations to get your stash delivered in a couple of days.

However, you still need to know some things when buying it online to ensure your product is legal. You want to make sure it’s legal, but you also need to follow some steps to use it recreationally compared to those using it medically.

How to Buy Marijuana Online in Canada

Before ordering your cannabis online in Canada, there are a couple of steps you need to take. They will ask your age, and you need to be over 19 years old. If you live in Alberta, the age restriction is 18 and older, while in Quebec, it’s 21 years. 

You will need to verify your age by sending proof to purchase on a secure website with SSL encryption. Once done, the company will process your order and package. You can expect your shipment to arrive in a couple of days from the date of order, and it depends on the business you use.

How to Buy Medical Cannabis

The most crucial step is to register with a licensed company to buy medical marijuana. Once registered, you can obtain your cannabis legally online through the licensed website. You can expect the order sent by mail and will need to show your proof of ID on arrival to verify your age to receive your package. According to the Canada ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations), you need to first:

  • Meet with a health care practitioner to discuss a cannabis treatment for your symptoms and receive a medical document.
  • Then you can register with a licensed provider to obtain fresh, dried, or cannabis oil. To register, complete the registration form provided with your original medical document.

Here you can check out the list of licensed producers made available by the Canadian Government.

How to Buy Recreational Marijuana

Here are also some measures you need to take when ordering your cannabis online from a dispensary. First, the Bill C-45 cannabis act provides legalization for weed nationwide but added restrictions exist in different provinces. So before ordering, check your province rules for buying and storing.

Furthermore, places such as Ontario, New Brunswick, BC, and Quebec have their own rules. They have a single government-run website where you can buy it legally online. As with ordering medical weed, there are similar checks in place:

  • You need to verify your age that is 19+ and as mentioned for AB 18+ and QC 21+.
  • Once verified, your purchase is made with SSL encryption to collect online payment.
  • Your order is processed and packaged discreetly to send to your postal mail or directly to your home.

Other factors to consider are from which business you plan to purchase. The important thing is that the company is licensed by the government, checks how big the industry is, and is well established.

Read reviews about their reputation and the products sold and do they provide you with a secure checkout when making a payment. Furthermore, consider the prices of the product and if it is of high quality.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to buy medical or recreational cannabis online, the important thing is to make sure you are buying from a legalized source. Therefore, you can now order your weed online in Canada the legal way. Always do your research to make sure everything is done according to Canadian regulations.