Mobile management and tracking software installed by North East based CCS Mobile has proven instrumental in a local police investigation and safeguarded valuable business data after a home burglary in Keighley, West Yorkshire.  

When thieves broke into Oliver Kilburn’s house, stealing a range of electricals and other personal items before making off with two cars, they unintentionally stole Oliver’s work iPad, which belonged to his employer Companion Stairlifts and was in one of the stolen vehicles.

Fortunately CCS installed the work iPad with technology that enabled business telecoms and IT providers CCS Mobile to safeguard the data stored on the device and provide valuable information to the Police.

The SOTI MobiControl software installed on the iPad is a leading mobility and IoT (Internet of Things) solution that manages Apple® iOS, Google Android™, Linux and Microsoft Windows® devices – managing applications and content, tracking lost or stolen devices and enabling devices to be remotely locked and wiped. The monitored location and data from the device was provided to the Police and assisted them with the successful recovery of one of the stolen vehicles.   

Oliver commented: “After the shock of waking up and coming to terms with the fact that our home had been broken into, I realised that the thieves had also unintentionally stolen my work iPad which was in my car at the time. I therefore contacted CCS Mobile who were able to immediately safeguard our business data and provide information to the police on the location of my iPad and one of our cars.

“Data theft is of paramount importance to our company, Companion Stairlifts, and it was only through the foresight and quick response of the CCS team that we were able to ensure that the security of our business database wasn’t compromised.”

Chris Lee, managing director of CCS Mobile commented: “We have been working with Companion Stairlifts for several years to provide them with innovative telecoms and IT solutions. With a national customer base and a growing sales team, Companion Stairlifts required a device management solution that would provide staff with on the move access to the company’s database and allow managers to efficiently manage devices, track their location and have the peace of mind that valuable business data was safe and secure. We therefore recommended and installed SOTI MobiControl device management software.

Jordan O’Connor, sales engineer manager for EMEA at SOTI commented: “We are delighted that the use of SOTI MobiControl helped assist with the police investigation and provided Oliver and his company with the certainty that their business data was protected. Using SOTI MobiControl the police and CCS, had full access to the iPad’s live geographical status and were able to send out customised screen messages, as well as remotely lockdown and wipe any sensitive information from the device.”