As more and more emerging companies expand their services to more regions in the world, adopting a business VoIP phone plan is the best solution to avoiding high costs of international calls. Business owners who frequently make calls to their clients overseas can attest to the fact that making phone calls from the conventional landlines or courier sim cards often results in expensive calling charges.

Leveraging on the easy availability of internet connections and the functionality of VoIP communications like the service provided by NobelCom allows businesses, particularly smaller companies expanding their client base, to enjoy the full benefits of VoIP telephony.

There is a lot of business gains related to IP communication, some of these benefits include:

  1. Affordable International Calling Charges

While VoIP and IP communications from Valutel  are popularly known for offering companies access to unlimited local and regional calling, the telephony platforms also provide affordable international calling rates. Unlike traditional landline and mobile phone call rates which charge per-minute, VoIP uses a flat rate billing structure thus proving cost efficient.

When choosing a VoIP package, make sure to compare international call rates from different companies. You want to select the provider with the best value but also ensure they have a reliable and prompt customer service who can expeditiously attend to your queries and concerns.

  1. Reduced Travel Expenses

Companies that frequently fly their employees overseas appreciate the importance of efficient business travel. Fortune 500 companies may be able to manage the expensive roaming charges when calling from abroad, but for smaller companies with limited budgets, VoIP communication can help them manage their expenses and meet their communication needs. While traveling overseas, staff members can utilize the company’s telecommunication systems either by connecting their IP phones to an internet connection or keying in their calling card pin on any mobile device. Also with the VoIP system, business calls can be redirected to any location where the employee is as well as enable them to send and receive faxes; provided the location and stable internet connectivity.

  1. Decreased Meeting and Conferencing Costs

Thanks to technological innovations you no longer have to travel long distances (or any distance at all) to attend a meeting or conference. With the VoIP technology, you can host virtual conferences and significantly cut costs on logistics. For example, you can host a private merger and acquisition meeting with partners from abroad, or you can also hold a general conference when launching a product, showcasing your services or holding a forum. The significant bit is that you can have these levels of communication without leaving your office building. All you need are necessary hardware like a computer, webcam, microphone, and speaker and of cause a VoIP compatible application that is connected to the internet.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system offer businesses, small and large, numerous options to facilitate their daily corporate communications. With internet telephony readily available, business can save both time and resources while conducting business locally and internationally.