Jill Hudson, an imaginative storyteller with a deep-rooted love of Christmas, has launched a Christmas-themed app that will get kids reading in a fun and innovative way after their lack of schooling and many missed opportunities in 2020. This December, children can become a pupil at the world’s first School of Christmas – Santa Academy.

Jill’s idea to bring the world of magical stories she’s written to life through an interactive app came to fruition this year when she saw the adverse effect lockdown was having on children’s reading. Thinking that this would be a brilliant tool for a babysitter near me.

The National Literacy Trust reports: ‘Lockdown increased the literacy engagement gap between boys and girls in the UK. The gender gap in daily reading also widened during lockdown. Audiobooks might be a way to re-engage boys with stories.’ Jill pushed forward with the development and launch of the Santa Academy app so all kids can access an exciting and magical world to read and explore this Christmas.

All the stories and activities on Santa Academy are accompanied by audio and video clips so they can be enjoyed by children of all abilities and ages, ensuring no child is excluded from or discouraged by the content. The app is split into digestible, daily content which encourages users to read, listen and explore daily – a very refreshing form of advent calendar. Santa Academy users will discover all there is to know about the world of Christmas as they explore Lacus Island, featuring 70+ characters, 50+ buildings, 19 unique shops, TV and Radio stations, and even its own emergency services and veterinary practice. Users will make important decisions every day, like which sleigh Santa will use, and help create the best Christmas yet.

Jill said, “As a parent, I understand the importance of encouraging children to read and exercise their imaginations from a young age. My own child has fallen out of love with reading over lockdown with so many games to play at the click of a button. I’m passionate about getting kids reading and using their imaginations in a way that is fun and accessible for them. So, I’m very pleased to be able to offer this memorable and affordable Christmas experience that the whole family can enjoy together, especially in this uncertain time.”

You can find out more about the app by following the below links:

Website – https://thesantaacademy.com

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/santaacademy/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheSantaAcademy