There are so many wonderful places to see when you have only few free days and Krakow is definitely one of them. So, if you wonder where to go next for your city break, I highly recommend visiting Krakow – former capital of Poland and the city that attracts tourists from all over the world.

There is so much to do in Krakow that it is hard to choose the most interesting things but, in this article, you have short description of what you can do and what you can see in this beautiful city. Also remember that there are much more to do during the summer and if you want to read something about interesting events in Krakow go to this website:

When I think about Krakow, I see wonderful city with beautiful streets, amazing architecture, well-known places, great food and nice people. All these things you can get there and fall in love with Krakow and you will be willing to come back there.

Transport & accommodation

At the very beginning I must say that getting to Krakow is really easy and if you think about your trip a bit earlier it might be also very cheap. Flights from all over Europe fly here almost every day so you won’t have any problem with getting to Krakow.

While looking for tickets for your trip to Krakow you have two main options:

  • Buying ticket directly to Krakow-Balice Airport
  • Buying tickets to Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport

Krakow-Balice Airport is located in the suburbs, around 20 kilometers from the city center.  From the airport to the city center you can get either by public transport (bus or train) or by private transport from the airport directly to your accommodation in Krakow, which is more expensive but much more comfortable and quicker.

If you choose flying to Katowice-Pyrzowice, to Krakow city center you will have around 100 kilometers, but you get also get there by public transport or you can choose private transport from Katowice Airport to Krakow city center. In this case second option will be much more comfortable especially due to the fact that airport in Katowice is located far away from the train station.

Krakow also has lots of hotels and apartments located in the city center or really close to the Main Square. Whatever budget you have you won’t have any problem with finding something perfect for you. Go to or look for something at Airbnb and I’m sure you will find your perfect place for your city break in Krakow.


No matter how much time you have to visit this beautiful city you will always have something to see. I didn’t have much time to do sightseeing this time, but there are three main things that you just have to visit during your stay in Krakow. In fact, if you are short of time it would be a great idea to do sightseeing with a guide who will show you most interesting and most famous places in short time.

Main Square

Krakow’s Main Square is one of the biggest in Europe and it is absolutely stunning. Lots of tiny streets, beautiful architecture, great restaurants make this place absolutely unique. While walking through the Main Square you can’t miss visiting St Mary’s Church known in Poland as “Mariacki Church” and see amazing altar by Wit Stwosz. On every hour from the higher tower of St Mary’s Church a trumpet signal is played. The tune breaks in the middle to commemorate a famous 13th century trumpeter who was shot in the throat while sounding the alarm before a Mongol attack on the city.

On the Main Square you will see one more famous renaissance building – The Krakow Cloth Hall. You should also take minute to go to upper floor especially when you’re an art lover. In Krakow Cloth Hall there is a museum which is a division of the National Museum, Kraków. It holds the largest permanent exhibit of 19th-century Polish painting and sculpture, in four grand exhibition halls.

Wawel Royal Castle

The Wawel Royal Castle – one of the most important monument in Krakow (and also one of the most famous). Years ago, it was the seat of Polish kings, and I must say that you can still feel the royal atmosphere here. Everyone can visit here what interests him the most: Crown Treasury and Armory, Royal Private Apartments, State Rooms, Oriental Art or Royal Gardens all of these are permanent exhibitions available all-year round but there are also available temporary exhibitions which you can find on the Internet.

Kazimierz district

Today Kazimierz district is one of well-known places in Krakow and its cultural centers, but the history of this district is really important. For years Jews lives here, and even earlier Kazimierz was a separated city. In XV century due to religion conflict and widespread intolerance Kazimierz was separated from the rest of Krakow by a thick wall. Till now going to Kazimierz is like going to different city. It has its own atmosphere, own monuments and its own history. While sightseeing, besides seeing famous monuments like: synagogue Tempel, synagogue Remu, Bożego Ciała Church or Plan Nowy, try to feel the atmosphere of this place by going through streets, admiring murals and eating traditional Jewish food.


If you are a nightlife lover, you will also fall in love with Krakow – the city that never sleeps. Close to the Old Town and on the Main Square there are dozens of bars with live music, karaoke pubs, night clubs, restaurants… everything you want! During the day on the Main Square you can meet lots of tourists admiring beautiful architecture of the city, but after dark lots of local people and students go to the city center for a party. It doesn’t really matter what day of week it is – bars are open all the time, but some night clubs are open from Thursday. So, if you want to see how night life in Krakow looks like head to the Old Town – specially to Floriańska or Szewska street.

If you want just to chill after dark more far away from the Main Square check the place called FORUM Przestrzenie. It is some kind of bar and restaurant where you can chill on a deck chair by the Vistula river and watch beautifully illuminated Wawel Castle – I’m sure you will love this view as much as I do.

Where to go next?

Krakow is also great starting location for your trip to Poland. If you like to see more places and cities such as Wroclaw, Warsaw or Tatra mountains Krakow, would be perfect for the first stop. From the main train station, you can get to Warsaw in 2:30hrs, to Wroclaw in 3:30hrs and Tatra mountains are an hour away. So whenever you planning your trip to Poland Krakow is always a good idea, but before your trip starts go here and learn something about history of this wonderful place.