The UK, as well as the rest of the world, is experience a wave of popularity for co-working, with offices across the major cities opening their doors to draw in more self employed or travelling professionals.

However, Commerce House in Middlesbrough was clearly ahead of its time in the region as it opened it’s newly refurbished doors two years ago, as a business community that offered office space, meeting space, virtual tenancy, hot desking and co-working.

Co-working was a phrase that was coined by Bernard DeKoven, a video designer in 1999 meaning people who work together on a project. In 2005 Brad Neuberg opening the first co-working space, and changed the meaning of the word as we understand it in 2020. His co-working space was in San-Francisco and the working option has grown in popularity ever since, hitting an all time high at the end of last year, when more than 3 million people co-worked across 19,000 co-working spaces!

At Commerce House, which is conveniently positioned on Exchange Square by Middlesbrough Train Station, there are a number of co-working spaces, and options on prices for interested parties. The space is currently proving popular as people in start-ups, new businesses, or those who need to travel a lot, share the luxury surroundings. Facilities manager, Christine Huntington, said:

“The number of co-workers is expected to reach nearly 26,000 by 2025. The largest floor space for co-working is in the USA, and the largest number of co-workers is in Asia-Pacific, but right here in Middlesbrough we have been enjoying the trend for the last two years very successfully.

“Throughout the UK statistics showing that shared office space is becoming a major industry, and although freelancers are the main fans, many corporate players are also buying in, as well as the self employed or smaller companies. It is not about cost-cutting, it is about space well used, creating a community, introducing a social element to the working day and enjoying flexibility, which is all important in today’s modern business world.”

Interestingly, it is thought that 40% of co-workers are women and centres in London like All Bright certainly highlight this choice. Commerce House is the perfect environment for ladies and men, with luxury facilities, 5 star interior and a manned reception, offering safety and security at all times.

Christine concluded: “If you work from home, or travel a lot and are lonely, then you should consider talking to us. There are now statistics that show that co-working reduces loneliness and makes worker happier – what’s not to love?”

Information on statistics taken from smallbizgenius. More information on Commerce House’s co-working options is available at If you are interested in viewing the space or make an enquiry please contact