A North Northumberland business coach is about to share the secrets of truly owning a business and at the same time giving a helping hand to young disadvantaged students.

Ex pharmaceutical biochemist, Gareth Shackleton from Alnwick, runs ActionCOACH and his new workshop is designed to help company owners step away from the day-to-day running of their business with confidence and without losing profitability.

Gareth helps business owners to become even more successful using a combination of tried and tested business techniques and years of experience.

“My definition of a business is a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you”, said Gareth. ”I’ll help business owners who are already performing well to be even better and I’ll help them identify where they are on the journey from owning a job to owning a business.”

Gareth’s course entitled the “Six Steps to Building a Better Business,” will take the delegate through some of the problems faced in the world of commerce and industry including cash flow, productivity and staffing issues before asking them to challenge their business beliefs to help move them forwards.

“We’ll look at having and exploiting niche markets; leveraging through people, systems, innovation, marketing and developing and recruiting a great team. There’s a lot to get through in a few hours but if someone takes just one point forward it will make a massive difference to his or her business results.”

Gareth will also tackle one of the most common complaints made by small-to-medium sized business owners, the issue of competing with large companies on price.

“The perception in the market place is that people are shopping based on price alone.

The main reason your customer asks for the price upfront, is because that’s what business has trained them to do. More often than not, people go into a business not really knowing what they want and the easy question for them to ask is the price.

“We’ll show you how to sell based on value, build rapport and connect with the customer and relegate the price in importance to help you achieve a better profit margin.”

Tickets for the event on Thursday, 24 November 2016 from 14:00 to 17:00 are available from http://actioncoachne.eventbrite.co.uk with a number of purchase options.

A limited number are still available free of charge and tickets which come with an individual coaching session are £25.

Businesses wishing to help students to learn science related subjects, a key to innovation in business, can purchase tickets at £50 each which also includes a coaching session.

The event will be held at The Castle Gate, Melbourne Street, Newcastle.