Coast & Country has once again been awarded top grading by the Homes and Communities Agency Regulations Committee.

The Redcar-based housing provider has retained its long standing G1 and V1 classification, meaning it has complied with all the governance and financial viability standards required following an “in-depth assessment”, carried out by the Social Housing Regulator.

Social housing providers are expected to maintain very high standards across a range of economic and customer based standards, and the regulator has once again given Coast and Country a green light in all areas.

The economic regulation objective is:

· to ensure that registered providers of social housing are financially viable and properly managed and perform their functions efficiently and economically
· to support the provision of social housing sufficient to meet reasonable demands (including by encouraging and promoting private investment in social housing)
· to ensure that value for money is obtained from public investment in social housing to ensure that an unreasonable burden is not imposed (directly or indirectly) on public funds
· to guard against the misuse of public funds.

The consumer regulation objective is:

· to support the provision of social housing that is well-managed and of appropriate quality
· to ensure that actual or potential tenants of social housing have an appropriate degree of choice and protection
· to ensure that tenants of social housing have the opportunity to be involved in its management and to hold their landlords to account
· to encourage registered providers of social housing to contribute to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the areas in which the housing is situated.

Iain Sim, chief executive of Coast & Country, said: “This is a very important and independent verification that Coast & Country is meeting its obligations and is testament to the hard work of the teams across the Company.

“It is important that the sector is regulated to ensure the highest standards of leadership and governance, services achieve value for money and tenants can have confidence in their landlord. I am proud that Coast & Country has been able to retain this level of compliance.

Coast & Country Housing was established in 2001, and is a none profit local housing company limited by guarantee. It is a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) and is regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). As the largest RSL within Redcar and Cleveland, its current rental housing stock totals 10,309.
Its properties and estates are located in a diverse range of urban areas, seaside resorts and rural villages. Coast & Country believes that working together with local people to find local solutions is a key factor in building and sustaining communities.
Delivering high quality homes, Coast & Country is contributing to the prosperity, wider regeneration and sustainability of the communities within the immediate region and beyond.
Coast & Country aims to ensure that its regeneration work will have a positive impact on people’s lives, achieving a careful balance of new homes for sale and for rent and creating the kind of neighbourhoods that will flourish well into the future.