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Commonplace Tiling Issues And How To Deal With Them

Tiles are one of the most common fixtures in homes. Tiles are not restricted to the bathroom or kitchen anymore. They are a viable flooring option for wall decors, homes and other accents for a house. They have many benefits, from being durable, easily maintained and looking great. However, sometimes homeowners are faced with tiling issues that can be a real headache. Here are some regular tile issues that people are faced with and tips on how to deal with them.  As a student, you can have more time on that when you also get law essays help services.


Mould is not uncommon, especially when tiles are exposed to water. It is one of the major problems with bathroom tiles. Bathrooms provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and moulds to grow. A dry area is not at a high risk of growing moulds. If you notice any signs of moulds in the grout or tiles, address the issue immediately. It may be time to take care of some repair work.

Staining On Tiles

Staining is often the result of the wrong cleaning detergents used for tiles. However, sometimes the staining could be due to a more serious issue, like a water leak. When water seeps in beneath the tiles, stains can appear over time. Appropriately sealed and grouted tiles should take care of this issue. The stains that are as a result of penetration of water underneath the tiles may have a white appearance on the surface. Cloudy or milk stains, however, are typically due to incorrect products used for cleaning the tiles. Another reason could be the wrong sealant used on the tiles. In such an instance, a professional contractor must strip the sealer before it could damage the grout and tiles even further.

Tile Lippage

For aligning tiles, not only spacers and trowels are necessitated, as you risk tile lippage. Have a look at the best tile leveling system to ensure the vertical placement between the edges of the adjoining tiles are level as well. Simply explained, tiles are set at dissimilar levels, which means they are spaced consistently in width, but it’s not the case in height. Tile lippage can cause various other problems and it doesn’t look good. A tile levelling system can provide parallel joints and excellent levelled tiles.

Stained Grout

Grout are much more porous than tiles, which means they are more prone to absorbing liquid. Like tiles, cleaning detergents can result in stained grout. To prevent the grout from staining, the grout must be sealed as protection against moisture seepage. However, the right type of sealer must be used. Ask a professional about which sealant you can use for tiles and grout.

Loose Tiles

It is possible for tile to loosen from the mounting surface. Common signs include the tiles making a grinding sound or sounds hollow. Loosening may happen on slabs that are produced from concrete. When it happens prematurely, it could be due to a lack of control joints surrounding the tiles or insufficient adhesive being applied. With time, it could result in the tiles separating from the mounting slab because ceramic tiles have dissimilar thermal expansion features than concrete. Tiles contract and expand due to temperature fluctuations. Tiles must be installed with appropriately setting Tile Adhesive that makes provision for expansion and extraction.


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