Plans for a proposed new residential development in a County Durham town are set to be revealed next month.

North East family owned employer Banks Property is considering applying for permission to build up to 100 family homes on a 5.4 hectare site to the north of the A67 Darlington Road, around a mile to the north east of Barnard Castle town centre.

The site is located alongside the existing Castle Vale development, and has been chosen as the most suitable and sustainable location for new housing in the local area.

It provides direct access to existing local public transport routes and its location will importantly minimise the need for additional traffic to pass through the centre of Barnard Castle.

The project will also include new landscaping and enhancement of wildlife habitats around the site, which is currently agricultural land, and will also see an electric vehicle charging point installed in all homes.

As part of its comprehensive community engagement programme for the project, Banks Property has provisionally scheduled three socially-distanced public consultation events at the TCR Hub on Shaw Lane in Barnard Castle in September, which will be held subject to any government restrictions on gatherings of this type taking place at the time and Banks’ own risk assessment processes.

The health and safety situation is currently being carefully assessed on a regular basis, but if they go ahead, they will be held from 3.30pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday 8 September, between 9am and 1.30pm on Tuesday 15 September and from 1pm to 5pm on Friday 18 September.

Part of the County Durham-headquartered Banks Group, Banks Property develops brownfield and greenfield sites for commercial and residential property schemes using a ‘development with care’ approach.

The family-owned firm is hoping to submit a planning application to Durham County Council in the autumn.

Chris Kelsey, communications manager at The Banks Group, says: “This site has been chosen as the most appropriate location for a development of this type and would offer a range of different property sizes and designs, including affordable housing, that will enable more people to move to or stay in the area.

“We prioritise working with residents and key community leaders from a very early stage to ensure all our projects deliver significant social, economic and environmental benefits in the areas that we work.

“While wanting to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to properly assess our proposals and ask any questions they might have about them directly to our project team, we are naturally, like everyone else, very conscious of the evolving situation around the pandemic.

“We will put extensive safety measures in place at our consultation events if they are able to go ahead, but will be continually reviewing whether this is going to be possible in the lead up to each event and will ensure the community is informed once a final decision is made about each one.

“Providing a supply of new family homes is essential to the vitality and sustainability of every community, and in the current economic climate, it is more than important than ever to ensure investment continues to flow into local communities and the regional economy.

“We’re excited by the opportunities that this site provides for delivering a high-quality development that will both help address local housing needs and enhance the local community and look forward to sharing more information about it with local residents in the coming months.”

For further information on the proposed Darlington Road development, please contact the project team via