The flooring in your home is a vital component of the property that completes your space’s beauty. Many people choose cork flooring for its elegant look and practicality, especially as it is an eco-friendly and incredibly durable option. To keep the cork flooring in your home looking good and ensure it lasts a lifetime without any issues or cracks, you must understand how to care for and maintain it well. 

Here are some expert tips on how homeowners can do regular maintenance on their cork floors and properly care for them. 

Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

Cork floors are incredibly durable and reliable. However, their surfaces are somewhat sensitive to dirt and debris if not cleaned properly. That is why sweeping and vacuuming regularly, even daily if you can, could be essential for maintaining your flooring. All you would need to do is vacuum or sweep very quickly whenever you see any dust or dirt lingering around the corners or if you find anything visible on the surface. You can also mop the floors using a soft damp mop or towel, but make sure it is not soaking wet, or you will harm the cork tiles. 

Sand and Polish Periodically

Investing in cork flooring for your home can add a lot of value to the property. However, you will need to keep the floor tiles looking clean and shiny for as long as possible to keep that high value for as long as you live in the house. It may be a good idea to consider sanding cork floor tiles occasionally and add a polish layer to keep the surface shiny and looking as good as new. Sanding the tiles will also remove any lodged particles of dirt that regular sweeping and vacuuming cannot remove. Sanding the tiles will result in a smooth and clean surface that makes your space look even more elegant. 

Use Floor Mats

Keeping your cork floor well-maintained is easily done by placing floor mats at room entrances and around any furniture if space allows. Floor mats reduce the pressure on your cork tiles and eliminate the risk of damages and scratches to the surface. Mats are also great for picking up any dirt or debris that sticks to shoes and will damage the floor.

Choosing cork flooring for your property can be a great investment that adds a lot of value to the home. To preserve this value and ensure that you do not lose it over time, you must know how to care for your cork floor tiles and keep them well-maintained. Make sure you clean up the cork surfaces regularly and do not wait to sweep or mop the floors as soon as you notice any dirt or spillage. Remember to give the tiles a sanding and polish treatment now and then to keep them looking shiny and clean for as long as possible. You will be the envy of your neighborhood with clean, shiny cork floor tiles.