Northumberland County Council has pledged to keep cracking down on the small minority who spoil the county’s streets and landscapes.

It comes after new figures show the council prosecuted and fined hundreds of people for littering and dog fouling in Northumberland this year as it continued with its combination of enforcement, engagement and education to change people’s behaviour, improve public health and the environment.
So far in 2016 a total of 93 fixed penalty fines of £75 have been issued for dog fouling in Northumberland. A further five people have been successfully prosecuted in court for allowing their dogs to foul land, resulting in fines up to £330.
Also 181 fixed penalty fines of £50 have been issued for littering and 28 people have been successfully prosecuted in court, resulting in fines up to £220.

And as well as reactive investigations the council carried out a range of proactive enforcement programmes target littering and dog fouling hotspots throughout Northumberland. Patrols include weekends and throughout the day, including early mornings and evenings.
Last year saw the launch of the ‘Love Northumberland Hate Litter’ campaign which involved a combination of littering enforcement, community group litter picks, a programme of school engagement and hundreds of visits to food businesses.
The council’s business chair, Councillor Scott Dickinson, said: “Our green spaces, unspoilt beaches and rolling countryside are some of the main reasons tourists flock to Northumberland and it’s vital we do all we can to ensure it looks its best.
“Tourism is a key part of our economy and we can’t let the actions of a small minority spoil an area, affect people’s quality of life or potentially affect our economy.
“The number of people prosecuted and fined this year year demonstrates our zero tolerance approach to this offensive behaviour and this will continue.
“And while enforcement is important, we are committed to continuing to educate people about littering and dog fouling, while also carrying out clear-ups in our towns and on our roads.
“We want the county to be looking its best and will be doing all we can to try and ensure it stays clean and tidy.”
You can report dog fouling, littering including from vehicles or fly tipping by calling 0345 600 6400 or ‘save time, do it online’ and visit