Fashions and trends are all well and good. When it comes to your clothes, you change them with the seasons. But the interior design of your home? That’s not so straightforward.

The way that trends in style come and go can leave us between a rock and a hard place when it comes to revamping our living spaces. On the one hand, we naturally want a new look that is fresh, vibrant and now – otherwise, what’s the point in making the change?

On the other hand, we’re always aware that if we push the boat out too far in pursuing an on-trend look, we run the risk of it dating quickly. No one wants to be redecorating every few years. So that’s why people seek compromise. They want a look that will always be fashionable, that is untouched by the currents of what is considered trendy or not.

In other words, they want a timeless look. But how exactly do you go about achieving a stylish design for your bathroom that won’t age? Designer bathroom specialists Aston Matthews shared their top tips.

Play it safe with essentials

Ever wondered why the majority of baths, washbasins, toilets and tiles you see in bathrooms are white? Because white is the classic timeless colour. You might think this is a little boring. But choosing plain essentials doesn’t mean you have to have no colour at all in your bathroom. It just means that the main focal points – and the hardest things to replace – are a neutral colour you’re unlikely to regret in a few short years. Think of it as laying down a base coat for the rest of the design you build on top.

Make colour easy to replace

There’s nothing wrong with colour in a bathroom. But, as we have suggested above, bolder, brighter colours are more likely to date than classic white and paler shades. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid colour, but a ‘timeless’ design makes it easy to switch things up. Rather than coloured tiles or fixtures, use paint or wallpaper in areas that are easy to access. If you do have your heart set on a bold, colourful feature, choose a primed cast iron bath or similar that you can paint as you wish, or look at coloured/patterned surrounds for built-in baths.

Create texture with choice of materials

Colour isn’t the only way to add interest and complexity to your bathroom design. You can do it with the materials you choose, which tend to achieve more subtle and timeless effects. There are some obvious classic combinations – white ceramic or enamel with chrome taps and other fittings, for example. But there are plenty of other options. If plain white tiling isn’t for you, consider natural stone alternatives – marble is a beautiful luxurious example. Wood is another fantastic timeless material that adds real depth and texture to a bathroom, whether you introduce it in flooring, furniture or little touches like mirror frames or bath panels.

One of the best things you can do with different materials is mix and match to create contrasts. So just as ceramic and chrome go together hand in glove, so can wood and granite, marble and brass. Do some research and check out the different combinations that grab your attention.

Pay attention to the little touches

Finally, one of the best ways to create a truly timeless bathroom is to focus less on the fixtures and more on the accessories. As we say above, a quality bath, washbasin and toilet, some attractive but understated tiling and perhaps a feature piece of furniture, and there you have a basic canvas which can last you for years. Everything else, you can build up with easy-to-replace accessories that add a personal touch you don’t have to worry about growing tired of.