Rodents such as rats and mice are known for their obsession with food, shelter, warmth, optimum temperature water, dripping water pipes, and animal droppings. Most households, granary owners, and poultry farmers will never realize these rodents’ presence until they have multiplied to large numbers due to their capabilities to remain invisible. They leave traces of damage to food products and equipment around the house, droppings, and diseases to pets and humans.

If you have found any signs of rodent infestation around you, then this article is yours to read, as it will discuss some tips on how to deal with your rodent problems.


Before putting up stringent measures, it is crucial that you find out their access points throughout the premises and seal off appropriately using caulk and steel wool. Ensure that the rodents don’t find any point of vulnerability in the walls to your premises to take advantage of. You are advised to contact organizations with expertise in rat control service to inspect exterior walls and advise you on the best way to handle the situation.


Rodents will naturally find their hiding spots in areas that are cluttered and untidy. Therefore, it is vital that you declutter and tidy up those areas to be able to narrow down in the search for their hiding spots. By decluttering, you reduce their ability to remain invisible on your premises.


Practices such as leaving food waste around the house and not regularly cleaning the house are factors that invite rodents. Cleaning up your premises will have a good effect on your quest to eradicate rodents and your general health.


One of the unique methods of keeping rats away is having a predator such as a cat for a pet. Having such a pet will overshoot your expectation in eradicating rodents on your premises. Cats are known to be one of the main predators of rats. Their scent is known to scare away rats from any speculations.


Any living creature is naturally attracted to where they can find food. So, cutting off ties to where the rodents will get them moving or dead. You could start by dumping your trash appropriately, covering your trash can, and restricting their access to the waste. Putting the waste bins away from sunlight to reduce the smell that will attract rodents. Clean the bins occasionally to reduce the smell

Storing foods such as cereals in sealed containers will reduce the rodents’ source of food and, in turn, force the rodents to flee from your premises. It is advisable that in case of any spillage of food, clean the surface.


These are pesticides used to kill rodents. They are infused with foods such as peanut butter to attract the rodents. Since rodents don’t have any food source, having these attractive infusions will attract them to eat the rodenticide and kill them.


Traps have been known for a long time to be effective over the years. Traps may be an effective cheap means of dealing with your rodent problem. Placing bait on the traps and placing the traps in your premises’ strategic areas will yield good results. You will be needed to check the traps from time to time to reduce another infestation risk from other insects.