North East-based Diamond Group providing holistic business solutions within key areas people process and technology, is celebrating an outstanding year seeing significant sales growth and profit providing the capacity to invest in more team members moving forward.

2018 has seen the company’s turnover increase by 20 percent and it has appointed a new director of transformation and growth, service technician managers, sales executives and business development managers, to support its comprehensive operational programmes and ambitious growth plans.

Diamond has made significant investments in further technology, including a six-figure datacentre upgrade; the upgrade focussing on developing its full service offering of ICT, communications, DBS and people development.

Managing Director, John Burns said: “We have seen significant growth this year, due to the holistic nature of what we offer. Our business has been set up for success, allowing it to adapt to our needs as well as our customers as it grows.

“Our 2018 has been all about technology, process and people, encouraging empowerment and resilience so that each member of the team can make an individual contribution to our success.

“We anticipate that 2019 will be no different; we intend to continue to grow, transform and prosper with confidence. Our service approach will be enhanced due to our sustainable dynamic solutions and we will continue to focus on ensuring that our people understand and uphold our vision, mission and values.”

Based in Team Valley, Diamond Group offers a holistic approach to promote transformation, growth and prosperity for businesses in the North East and beyond. The company focuses on people, process and technology to add value to its clients’ businesses, adapting the service provided as their needs evolve.

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