When the housing market was still in its early stages, people usually settled for anything. At that time, any decent house with four walls would have sufficed. Now, however, people started caring about all sorts of things; landscaping, appliances, hardwood flooring, and vinyl siding, for some reason. In fact, believe it or not, one of things that home buyers care about most these days is windows. At the risk of coming off as sarcasm, while it may seem like a tiny detail, windows are actually a huge deal. Not only do they provide an extra source of lighting to your house. Windows can also rob you of your privacy, or grant you more of it. In addition, there are also types of windows that block out noises. Moreover, if you happen to be receiving death threats on a daily basis, a house with pre-installed bulletproof windows would be perfect. Regardless of what has been mentioned, the main point is the type of windows you have is a highly important aspect that can contribute greatly to your house’s value.

Here are a few reasons why real estate buyers actually care about what your windows look like.

1. Windows bring down electricity bills

Windows are a source of natural light which is healthy for indoor plants, as well as, the house residents themselves. Not to mention, the presence of an appropriate amount of windows can provide adequate lighting which, in turn, limits the use of electricity during day time.

In other words, the presence of a reasonable number of windows in general, attracts home buyers; to them it seems like a profitable investment which they don’t mind paying more for. With that being said, you should know that buyers value energy-efficient windows even more than regular windows.

Energy-efficient windows are designed in a way which guarantees that heat from outside won’t find its way inside the house, and vice versa. What this does is that it maintains a house’s temperature thus, eliminating the excessive need for heating, or cooling appliances. Now, according to the U.S Department of Energy’s official website, this can save up to 30% of the energy that would’ve otherwise been spent on heating.

For real estate buyers, especially nowadays, environmental friendliness, lower energy consumption, and lower costs are the main elements people look for when evaluating, and purchasing a house. Which puts windows on a high-priority list.

2. Windows control noise

The amount of noise coming into a house depends heavily on the type of windows installed. A double glazed window, for example, is highly efficient in blocking out noises due to the way it is built. See, double glazed windows are windows that are made of two glass panels separated by a vacuum. The vacuum prevents sound from traveling through to the inside of the house; as sound can’t travel through vacuum. In fact, in today’s market, double glazed windows can get a house’s value up to an additional 10% increase.

It also goes without saying that sound blocking works both ways. If there is no sound coming in, it means that there is no sound coming out. Because privacy is important for everyone, most people buying houses nowadays really appreciate windows that can block sound. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the only solution is to get a set of double glazed windows. You can easily make your windows soundproof by using thicker glass panels, or plastic-embedded glass panels. These options can greatly impact the amount of sound going in or out of a house.

3. They are of aesthetic importance

Unless it looks absolutely appalling, the aesthetic influence of a window can often go by unnoticed; especially, to the untrained eye. However, this doesn’t mean that you can put up any type of framing. It all depends on the house; its design, type, color, material and its overall theme, too.

Some types of framing are more elegant than others; they go well with most of their surroundings. One of these types is wooden framing which is considered a highly desirable option because of several characteristics. First of all, it is very pleasing to the eye because of the unique patterns on the frames. In addition, with wood you have the freedom to paint, or stain it to match its surroundings.

Wooden frames also happen to be more environmentally friendly, provided they are not made of threatened species, that is. Unlike uPVC, which is basically plastic, the manufacturing of wooden frames does not harm the environment. On the other hand, the manufacturing process of uPVC can result in the production of harmful gases. Finally, wooden frames act as natural insulators which is an added bonus altogether.

In contrast, uPVC doesn’t go well with most house designs. Not to mention, it can be regarded by some as a cheap alternative to finer options. While its maintenance process is not as costly or demanding as other types of framing, the fact remains that uPVC is not a type that appeals to most real estate buyers.

In simpler terms, the aesthetic appeal of a window can either add a good deal of value to your property, or bring it down a couple of notches.

4. First Impressions

Even if you happen to have stumbled upon a buyer who does not care about the type of glazing, or insulation your windows have; and is apathetic towards your choice of framing, your windows remain an important factor. Despite of your potential buyer saying that they do not care and that the condition of the windows doesn’t matter, on some level, the windows do hold some power.

When a buyer pulls up to a new house, their mind goes into a state where it starts gathering information left and right. This makes the buyer very prone to first impressions. This is why most real estate developers suggest that you take care of a property’s outer appearance; landscaping, vinyl linings, and a property’s entrance are a few options. Needless to say, windows fall under that category. Attractive windows affect the overall look of a house which, consequently, means that your potential buyers are going to form a positive first impression. Keep in mind that the more they like it, the more money they are prepared to offer you.

5. Shutters play a huge part

Since the existence of shutters only supports the points we mentioned above, it is only fair that they get their own part.

When approaching a house, the presence of plantation shutters on windows is one of the things that house buyers, and real estate developers make a note of. Charlie Jones from Shuttercraft (https://www.shuttercraft.co.uk/guides/what-are-plantation-shutters/) explains that due to the size of their slats, plantation shutters are easier to clean and maintain than blinds or drapes; these words bring attention to several important points.

Most buyers are impressed with plantation shutters because of the fact that plantation shutters are made of wood. They can be easily customized, stained, painted, and carved to fit any design you want. Another point is that they are more environmentally friendly than other choices. They are also highly effective at blocking sunlight; more than curtains, in fact. In addition to all of this, they simply provide an attractive look to a house; they basically guarantee a good first impression. Lastly, as Charlie said, they are significantly easy to maintain, and because no one wants to be forced to exert too much effort, such an option looks appealing.

On the other hand, there are other people who don’t prefer plantation shutters because they aren’t as easily removable as curtains or drapes. The fact that it is a more permanent measurement can deter some buyers. However, the general attitude towards shutters is that they are an attractive feature.

6. Windows are the eyes to the house

One important thing that windows do is that they provide an insight to the house’s condition. This point is a continuation to the concept of first impressions. People can easily tell the state of a house based on how certain things look.

An easier way to put it is using a restaurant as an example. If you go to a restaurant and as you were being led to your table, you couldn’t help but notice how unclean the floor was. Then, after being seated, you were faced with a layer of dust on your table’s surface. These things communicate several messages. Most importantly, the owner doesn’t care enough about the cleanliness of the place which probably means the quality of the food is equally as bad. This is enough for anyone to go running out the front door.

It’s the same thing with houses. If a buyer is faced with windows that look extremely neglected, as if no one has bothered to give them a decent polish in almost a decade, they won’t bother to check out the rest of the house. Poorly maintained windows can give off the impression that the current owners didn’t care enough about the house; the inside of the house is probably in the same condition as the windows. Despite it not being an accurate way to judge a house, it is what people do. In order to sell at a high price, you need to adapt to the market’s demands.

So, one of the things we recommend is that you invest in well-maintained, well-balanced windows with an appealing type of framing. Along with a professional landscape, a good-looking set of windows can go a long way in sending the right message.

7. Windows are critical to one’s security

House buyers are obviously looking out for their own self-interest which cannot be achieved if their own house is out to kill them. How does this relate to windows? Well, it’s simple. Windows are regarded as a chink in a house’s armor; anyone can break into a house through doors and windows. They provide an easy entrance, and exit, point.

Casement windows, for example, are considered a good choice for security. They can only be opened from the inside, using a crank; for someone who attempts to break in, this type of windows can spell trouble. They probably won’t try to in the first place.

Sliding windows are also another safe option; since, they are usually fitted with a lock which is only operated from the inside, as well. Nevertheless, this type of windows can be lifted off their tracks which makes them not as safe as casement windows. The process of lifting them, however, can be a tad time consuming for someone who wants to get in, and out, as fast as possible. So, in reality, sliding windows are not that bad of an option.

Then, of course, there are single and double hung windows which are the easiest to overcome. Buyers normally do not prefer those types of windows unless they come with a sturdy lock.

Another factor that affects security is the type of glazing a set of windows has. A window with an impact-resistant glazing has more potential to impress buyers than a standard single glaze. It simply offers more security. It is important, nonetheless, to not go overboard with security measurements. Metal bars and scissored gates over every single window are definitely not the way to go; while they guarantee security, no one wants to live in a prison.

The points mentioned above are just a few reasons why real estate buyers actually care about what your windows look like. So, if you are ever faced with the question of whether or not people care about the condition of your windows, you know the answer. Other than that, a final thing you should take into consideration is what you should do with your windows. If you are planning to sell, make sure that you don’t spend too much on getting your windows up to shape. It is better to decide on a budget based on the value your windows are potentially capable of adding, as well as, how much you are expecting to make out of selling the property.