Everybody knows that weight loss is impossible without calorie burn. Today, the fitness industry offers plenty of exercise machines that are meant to accelerate it. Maxi Climber is one of the most recent inventions, and its marketing claims look promising. But are they truthful at all?

Traditional cardio exercises like jogging or running do eliminate calories. The biggest advantage of Maxi Climber is that the same period of training will burn many more. Expert Maxi Climber reviews highlight all the pros and cons of the device. Here is the lowdown if you are hesitating whether Maxi Climber is worth buying.

General choice

Maxi Climber and other equipment combine the benefits of calorie burn and indoor training. Rather than paying for a gym membership, you can purchase the machine and work out in the comfort of your home. Most of such machines are equipped with calorie counters to help you monitor progress.

Today, the range of options includes the following:

1. Treadmill

You can run, jog, or walk without leaving your living room. These machines are most common and can be found in any gym.

2. Elliptical

These deliver an aerobic workout with less pressure on your knee joints, hips, and spine. Some have handles designed for upper body training.

3. Bike

Like ordinary bicycles, stationary ones may be upright or recumbent. They have adjustable levels of resistance. Some come with a bottle holder or even a book rest.

4. Stair Stepper

These machines imitate stair climbing. They are not recommended for people with foot and knee joint issues, as the pressure may prove harmful.

So, how does Maxi Climber compare to these conventional alternatives?

The Principle

As the name suggests, the machine also imitates another type of climbing – mountain climbing. It is included in the ranks of the most efficient items of fitness equipment. While the previous generation of climber machines – side steppers – take up a lot of space, Maxi Climber is relatively compact.

These and other benefits have been highlighted by jonsguide.org. Based on the nature of the movement, the machine delivers a whole-body workout. Hence, you become more toned from arms to the thighs.


First, this climber has a calorie counter. It calculates the number of steps taken and the number of calories burnt. It turns itself on once you start training and stops when it is over. Secondly, the machine is appropriate for tall and shorter people alike, as it provides five different height options.

Thirdly, this type of exercise qualifies as low-impact. Therefore, the Maxi Climber does not exert excessive pressure on joints. As a consequence, the recovery is quicker, and you will be able to train more frequently. Finally, you get a full-body workout.

But Does It Burn More Calories?

The manufacturer claims its product helps burn more calories per hour in comparison with a bike, and twice as many calories as burnt on a treadmill. It is a fact proven by expert reviews on jonsguide that machines, engaging both upper and lower body, achieve higher burnt calorie count.

However, the producer provides no links to actual scientific research backing their promises. The test conditions used to receive the double-calorie conclusion are unknown. It is essential to know the resistance settings on the bike and the speed of the treadmill in the cited experiments.

Finally, it is not clear how the calorie burn was measured. Therefore, there is no sufficient data to prove that Maxi Climber is more effective in this regard. What is obvious is that it is superior to treadmills and other lower-body workouts.