Deciding on the questions you are going to ask the 菲傭 might be difficult, and thus, the following are sample questions for domestic helper interview that could inspire you.  You can ask scenario questions to find out how quick the domestic maid is getting suitable solutions.


  • Are you good when it comes to cooking? What food type can you cook? (vegetarian, Chinese, western). Are you in a position to follow clearly recipes from a cookbook? If that is the case, is there a specific cookbook that you have used?

  • What are your qualifications? Have you attended any training in particular either in your country or abroad?

  • Are you better with cooking, children, or household chores?


  • How can you describe your typical working day at the moment? What schedule do you have with your current employer? What responsibilities are you tasked with? What are your likes and dislikes about your responsibilities? Do you think what you are currently doing is hard or easy?

  • How many employers have you worked for in the past, including your current one and for how long did you work with each? Do you have any contact information or recommendation letters? Where did they live?

  • What are you currently paid? What do you expect your next salary to be?  If it is above the minimum salary ask; what makes you feel that you deserve that much pay?

  • What was the age of the children that you took care of with your other employment? Are you a fun of working with children?  Are you capable of handling a small baby? Do you understand first aid? In the case of the child, you are taking care of bangs their head and then felt sleepy or sick, what would be your reaction? If my child is the naughty type and talks to you rudely, what will be your reaction?

  • What are the other technical qualities that you think you have? Do you know how to sew? Do you know how to change a bulb? Do you have the willingness to do the technical tasks?

Personal information and qualities

  • Do you think you are the autonomous type of a person, ready to take initiatives? Or are you the type who prefers to be told things? How can you best describe yourself?

  • Aside from domestic work, what are your other interests? Do you happen to be religious? If that is the case, which religion?  Are you the type who has to attend church on Sunday?  Are you a sports fan? Do you like watching movies?  Do you have friends in this region? Are some of your relatives living around here?  Do you feel lonely living away from your family? Do you contact your family regularly?

  • Where do you come from? How long have you stayed in this country/city?

  • How can you describe your marital status? Do you have any children? If so, then who taking care of them?


  • What are your expectations as a domestic helper? What are your goals and dreams in life? How long are you planning to live and work abroad?