Science has stretched its legs on all the four sides, creating a flying machine which we often recognize as Drone or UAV. UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It is an automated, unpiloted flying saucer, which is of great use to any spy agent or army to spy on an extremely dangerous places. We all have often seen in movies, on how it works. In this article, we will be talking on the components of drone and how the drone repair is done.

The UAV or Drone is a very complicated device. To fly a machine in the air with great precision and to get clear and sharp results. There are few basic components that make it a promising best drone for the money.

Let’s see it one by one-

  1. Propeller- The small tiny fan blade like structure located at the front of the drone is called propeller. They are usually made of plastic to ensure light weight. Instead of this, carbon fiber is used for expensive drone for the same purpose.

  2. Pusher Propeller- These are present to work against the torque of the motor. Present both forwards and backwards, these help increase the efficiency of the device.

  3. Brushless Motor- It talks more about efficiency and performance of the device. The also helps save money, the cost of maintenance.

  4. Landing Gear- This is for safe landing of drones, which cover long distances. Small drones do not require and land on belly. This also increases safety.

  5. Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) – Its’ responsibility to monitor and vary the speed, direction and variations in brake. It is located in the mainframe of the drone.

  6. Flight controller- It is the motherboard, responsible for all the commands and interprets inputs from other sensors, like GPS, battery, receiver, etc.

  7. Receiver- It is responsible for reception of radio signals. At least 4 channels should be made available.

  8. Transmitter- Transmit radio signals from controller to drone. The easier and transmitter should use a single radio channel to communicate.

  9. GPS module- They help drone navigate for longer distances and specific locations.

  10. Battery- Smaller drones may need small battery, bigger drones need bigger battery.

  11. Camera- This is an important part, some have detachable camera and others have inbuilt.

So, whenever drone is brought, the above things needs to be kept in mind.

Now, talking about drone repair, it is essential to understand few things that help maintain drone in good shape-

  1. Check the drone before flying and see how after landing to look for broken propellers, dirty camera or any overall damage.

  2. Cleaning the drone is essential from outside. It is a very sensitive object and any amount of dust can cause mishap.

  3. Update the heart of the drone, Firmware. It is important for safe flight.

  4. Drone repair for basic or advanced, can be done by sending it to manufacturers. Or a reliable online site that is reputed in the drone repair industry. They can also be approached for normal servicing of the drone.