The iGaming industry is often the first sector of the entire gaming industry to experiment with new trends and introduce new concepts. Many of the functionalities introduced by online casino, betting, poker and bingo have migrated towards conventional gaming and other forms of entertainment and marketing, with the casino providers testing the concept’s viability and acts as a way to legitimize such new tech.

With online casino being such a bellwether for measuring what could be next in gaming technology, what can we expect to see more of from the industry in 2020?

Livestreaming Technology

When you play poker online, there are a wide range of options available, including live dealer poker. Live poker takes the basis of livestreaming technology and combines it with the online casino experience, making it available anywhere, anytime with an internet-connected device. As it stands now, the technology allows players to see a dealer actually present their cards to them in poker or spin the wheel in roulette. The technology, which is similar to that used on Twitch to help people livestream games to their followers, means that we can expect to see two-way livestreams at some point in the future. In certain cases, we might see players even see one another, not just the live dealer, in games like roulette, craps and poker.

Crypto Casinos

Blockchain might still be thought of as merely just the tech behind bitcoin and dismissed as a fad, but blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, as well as the tech itself, are continuing to quietly make a stir in the world of finance. Major banks, such as Santander and the Bank of America, are engaging in projects with the Ripple crypto architecture. Ripple produces more transactions per second than Paypal does, so it has definitely proven itself as a viable alternative to cash. As more online casinos embrace cryptocurrency payments for their safety and security features, we could expect to see it being adopted by more vendors in our day-to-day lives. The popularity of bitcoin is already increasing. By having iGaming legitimize cryptocurrency, we may see it continue to spread to others. We could even expect a rise in blockchain-based casino software throughout 2020, with providers using this form of digital ledger to store their data.

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Payment Methods

Most of the population have heard of Monzo and a lot of people use it. Indeed, the ability to track expenditure by category really helps people to budget and, by locking savings away, we can ensure that we don’t spend them before payday. But online casinos have been accepting payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals that are considered unconventional for a while. Whether this is Skrill, Neteller, or Paysafecard, online casino has given players a wider range of options than other forms of gaming. Many gamers consider this to be something worth noting, and those who evaluate the sites consider this in reviews. Other forms of gaming may be wising up to the fact that Paypal and bank transfer aren’t the only methods of payment available. 2020 will see more such e-wallet based payment options become more readily available across the board.

Online casino helps set the trend for many different aspects of technology. The fact that an audience is there to test it and that the rollout to try the concept is easy means that the industry can experiment with new tech that is then adopted across other aspects of gaming and wider entertainment technology.

Whether this is livestreaming, the introduction of blockchain, or even different payment options, online casino has helped pioneer these tech functions and will likely continue to shape the agenda.