A garden party is a more formal affair than a backyard bash. It is understood that the main objective is to socialize and reconnect with everyone in attendance. After so long spent in isolation, people need to ease back into their social connections and reconnect at their own pace. Thus, a garden party is a perfect way to allow people to quietly get back in touch without pressure in a lovely and relaxing atmosphere.

This means that you have the bulk of the pressure to ensure that the party truly is a comfortable and conducive place for relaxation and conversation. Thankfully, it is not that hard to ensure the space is perfect. Naturally, you will need to hire a good pest control firm to ensure that no pesky mosquitosor flies will be bothering your guests. Consider putting out fans and plants that are natural bug repellents in the spaces that will see most people as an added protection.

Also, do not invite more people than your home can comfortably contain as a change in weather can turn a garden party into a house party. Outside of these precautions, you have to concentrate on adding elegant elements to the party that will make it memorable for the people you invite.

Design Your Own Drinks

The drinks are so important for setting the tone of the party. Consider hiring a bartender, so you aren’t stuck behind the bar all day. Look up summery and refreshing drink ideas and try out the mixes before deciding on the ones that work best. Then give them cute names and prepare a little menu card to prop up on the bar counter. Your guests will love trying out the drinks and appreciate the extra touches.

Use Cuttings as Centerpieces

This can be another practical addition to your pest control methods and a great way to keep the garden theme. Take little cuttings of your loveliest flowering plants and re-pot them into charming little mason jars.

They will make for a simple centerpiece that looks elegant and can be given away to your guests as party favors. Use plants like lavender and citronella as they have a delightful aroma and their natural pest repelling properties.

Freezing and Fanning

It is going to get warm, and beating the heat can be an opportunity to show off your brilliant hosting skills as well. Freeze grapes and strawberries to use in the drinks instead of ice cubes. People are much more likely to eat these, and it will not water down the drinks. Provide several self-service stations for water and serve cucumber water with frozen blueberries for an additional refreshing twist.

Fans are a great way to help with the heat, but they can end up just moving the hot air around. To ensure that the fans you rent are designed to promote cooling, only look for misting fans. Oscillating misting fans can keep the temperature of the area down and take the same amount of effort to set up and run as a regular fan.

Nibbles Over Meals

A heavy meal at a garden party with pleasant breezes from the fans in a warm and welcoming atmosphere is going to make your guests feel very sleepy and lethargic. No one will move from their tables to socialize because they will be too busy trying to stay awake.

Avoid this from happening by arranging for small appetizer size foods. It is also best to keep the catering inside the house away from sight and have waitstaff move around in regular rotations offering the small plates. Your guests will be able to eat as much as they want, but in small enough quantities that they can stay alert and have the desire to socialize while they wait for a waiter to pass by.

Separate the Food by Type

Offer a variety of meaty appetizers and vegetarian-only appetizers. Split the dessert plates down the middle like this as well. Assign wait staff to each type, give them clearly labeled serving trays, and insist that they do not switch.

They can then tell your guests with conviction whether the food is suitable for them. You do not want your guests to remain hungry because they do not know what they can eat. Your vegetarian guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gesture.

There is so much variety you can indulge in for a garden party. That is part of the reason it is so important to have a theme. A themed garden party can help narrow down the field so that you do not get overwhelmed by the many sundry details.

Even a dress code can easily set the theme as it allows people to know how formal or casual the party will be and will prepare themselves to act accordingly. If there are many children in your family, consider allowing shorts and make sure people know you mean the kind that can be worn with a chambray or short-sleeve shirt. This will still have everyone looking nice without being entirely informal.

A nice touch for the kids would be to have a second bar for them, just like the adult bar, but they get to customize their own lemonade. This will give the kids something fun to do while their parents get situated.