Industrial labels can be used to keep workers safe while operating heavy machinery or equipment. Machine safety labels can warn against hazards resulting from improper handling of machinery or to prevent electrical accidents, while machine equipment maintenance labels will ensure heavy machinery is properly maintained and in good working order.

Safety & Warning Labels

Machine labels can be printed with eye-catching colors to warn workers of safety procedures and potential hazards associated with various machine operations. On a given worksite, any number of equipment and heavy machinery will be running at the same time. Employees must be kept well-informed about the operation and dangers this equipment can pose, as well as the potential consequences of inattention. The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) recommend using industrial labels to keep workers informed and protect against accidents while at work. These safety machine labels are perfect for various job sites, including factories, construction sites, plants, and storage warehouses.

Another potential danger that should be appropriately identified on work sites using warning labels is the risk of electrical accidents. Electrical warning labels should be heat resistant and printed with an easily recognizable electrical pictogram to ensure the warning is clearly understood. These labels can help prevent arc flashes, advise employees of potential shock hazards and remind them of the need to wear appropriate gear when working with certain equipment or near live wires. These electrical machine labels can be used to label wires, circuit boards, transformers, as well as other energy sources and equipment.

Calibration Machine Labels

All equipment on a job site should be regularly inspected to ensure it remains in working order. As such, a proper record of equipment maintenance must be kept using a log and supplemented with inspection tags and heavy-duty labels. OSHA also recommended equipment monitoring with durable labels that will withstand both indoor and outdoor environments suggested. These machine labels can also be provided with a clear laminate applied over the printout or written record to protect the label further and ensure they remain legible. The laminate will guard against general wear-and-tear, abrasion, and heavy-use, exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents, such as oils and acetone, as well as extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

The most common heavy-duty labels used for identifying recently inspected or calibrated equipment are pre-printed with distinct sections available to provide specific information. This includes the inspection date, name, and contact information of the technician, as well as the date when re-certification will be required. These calibration machine labels keep workers informed of what equipment has been inspected and is safe to use or what machines are scheduled for maintenance and repair. If required, they can also be provided pre-printed with company logos and graphics for ease of use.

Custom Equipment Labels

IndustriTAG can provide custom industrial labels to meet your work site’s unique safety needs. They can offer both pre-printed and printable labels and tags providing a broad spectrum of printing options and methods. Their dedicated in-house research and development team is also on-hand to help you design and test your custom industrial labels and ensure they will stand up to the harsh conditions they may encounter on the job. They will also provide free samples so you can test them before you buy, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that is guaranteed to work for you.