AN ESPORTS expert with more than a decade of experience has revealed his top tips to help Newcastle Fortnite fans win big at a unique event next week (1 March).

EStars featuring Fortnite will be taking over St James’ Park from 1 – 3 March, transforming the space into a gaming arena, complete with a real life Battle Bus from the popular game – which attracts millions of players each month.

And EStars caster, Nikita Buffee – who started in esports playing Halo 3 at a high level and now carries out a number of roles at Allied Esports  – has shared his top ten gaming tips to be in with a chance of reaching the London grand final to play for £25,000.

“The skill level at the tournament has been really impressive so far and we’ve got some really talented players heading to the final,” said Nikita.

“But the grand prize is still all to play for and taking on board some helpful tips will help Newcastle players keeps their heads in the game.”

  1. Prioritise eliminations

“Players need to focus on getting a large number of eliminations as they are worth the most points. Winning a match with three eliminations won’t get you on the leader board, so head for a hot drop spot like Tilted at the start of the match.”

  1. Anticipate where players will go

“Paying attention to what the challenges of the week are will give you a good idea of where players will be.”

  1. Make the most of your headset

“Thanks to Turtle Beach, each player will have a high-end headset, so make sure you adjust the sound settings. That way, you can hear other players and surprise them rather than the other way around.”

  1. Be careful with your aim

“Taking random shots across the map gives away your surprise advantage and lets other players know where they can find you.”

  1. Be cunning

“If everyone is building up in the final zone, that’s a great time to do the unexpected and sneak around on the ground.”

  1. Know your weaknesses and work with them

“If you find it harder to hit shots, lower your sensitivity. Many players choose high sensitivity for quick movement, but it’s more important to have steady tracking shots.”

  1. Figure out your favourite weapons beforehand

“EStars featuring Fortnite is a competitive event and you only have one hour, so you don’t want to waste time debating over which weapon to select.”

  1. Know which items give you the most material in a pinch

“Remember, pallets can give you 40 – 60 wood, semi tracks provide 20 – 30 metal and rocks give 30 – 60 bricks.”

  1. Don’t give yourself away

“Don’t forget that crouching gives you better accuracy and while sprinting is faster, it leaves a trail that other players can follow.”

  1. Avoid peeking on your left

“The way the Fortnite models are designed, you expose less of your character when you peek to the right so always try to be on the right hand side to take shots.”

At the tournament gamers can meet other Fortnite fans, enter dance competitions to show off moves from the game and take pictures with their favourite characters in addition to competing.

The overall high scorer of each morning, afternoon and evening session will take home £25, with the top three across the three days winning £250, £100 and £50.

Achieving a high score is the priority, with the top nine competitors on the overall leader board qualifying for a place in the grand final, which takes place at London’s Stamford Bridge on 31 March with a first prize of £25,000.

Tickets cost £25 and include at least two games played during an hour-long slot, which must be booked in advance.

The event is open to players aged 12 and over, but those under-16 must attend with an accompanying adult, who can attend free of charge.


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