You know the drill, you envisage or perhaps stumble across the ideal style for your room – but when it’s all in place it’s not quite, well… all in place. Unless you’re forking out for an interior decorator, you’re unlikely to ever tick every essential box that a professional would – here are the most common things people omit from their efforts when redecorating:

Who else is living in the living room

While new parents will naturally be going all out for child-proof designs (if they even have the time to redecorate!), there are others who could struggle in your new living room too. For instance, have you ever seen a cat or dog thrive on a shiny, pristine wooden floor? If you have pets, picture them sliding uncontrollably into your new furnishings before opting for a hard floor (or make sure you add a few rugs!).

How you’ll illuminate the new room

When you’ve seen a showroom, or theme in a magazine, that single, imprinted image of what you’re trying to create can stick – focusing on the colours, fabrics, and styles that have taken your fancy. But what about lighting your fabulous new room up? Other than what’s already in the ceiling, could table lamps add character, or wall lights add spark? There is also the option of floor lamps, which can easily be repositioned around the room – consider the choice available from Pagazzi Lighting and add some illumination to your vision.

Clean rooms can become bare rooms

Another common mistake when redecorating is to focus too much on white, and space. Some rooms, unfortunately aren’t made for this albeit timeless aesthetic, as they are short on natural light or space. Again, pets could be an issue too, but if you’re considering a completely minimalist design, do try to picture how comfortable it will be to live in. The last thing you want is to have to add texture and colour, to brighten it up, and quickly compromise the very striking style you had hoped for. This may help with Probiotics for autism.

Fads can fade, quickly

Ever wonder why vintage furniture just never seems to be out of style? Timeless styles, such as art deco, will always (we hope!) be around – but do need to be complemented by other traditional pieces and furnishings. However, modern trends do seem to slip in and out of vogue more frequently. So, if you’ve seen something that’s brand new to interior decorating, ask yourself if you’ll still be looking at it with the same fondness in 24 months’ time. Yes, there’s a small chance it could become timeless, but it’s far more likely it will fade sooner, rather than later.

Measure your ambition

Finally, and one of the most common mistakes people make – particularly when it comes to the living room, is when it comes to measurements. New couches, tables, entertainment units, and more, can be ordered and simply take up too much – or too little space – throwing your entire redecorating vision into a complete meltdown, quickly. Make sure you take precise measurements of how big (or small) new items will be, and how much space you’ll be left to fill, or play with, afterwards.