Whilst most bid writers are independent contractors, there is one firm, Executive Compass, in the North East that has a different slant on the industry. Unlike those who get their degrees and move down into London and the South East where most business like this takes place, the company’s founder and director, Neil Capstick, wanted to offer something extra in his home area around Newcastle.

Jobs for New Recruits in the North East

Capstick wanted to provide professional jobs for new recruits so that they wouldn’t need to migrate southward like so many before them, but also he wanted to offer a more personalised and localised ‘touch’ for SMEs so they wouldn’t need to rush off to London to find bid writers unfamiliar with the area.

This concept has paid off royally for Neil and one year after upsizing and expanding into new larger facilities, the team is growing. New recruits are being hired to join the team and clients are excited to be working with bid writers who actually know the area and its unique economic needs.

Clients Benefitting from Local Talent

What clients are finding is that local talent are much better able to write bids and assist in the answering of PQQs (pre-qualification questionnaires) simply because they are familiar with the needs specific to the area. Yes, Capstick’s team does work with clients around the UK and abroad as well, but after moving into the newer and much larger quarters at Hoults Yard, the firm has seen a major upswing in the number of local SMEs benefitting from local bid writers who can more easily zero in on specifics of the industry in relation to their geographic location.

Wide Range of Clients from Local SMEs to Multinational Corporations

What Executive Compass has been able to achieve appears to be centred on the fact that Neil has put together a team of co-workers who have a team spirit. They are thus able to better understand the needs of businesses large and small. As independent contractors, bid writers are able to put together a grammatically correct bid with all the maths in place, but often there is that ‘something extra’ that is lacking.

Many analysts are seeing a lack of corporate understanding from solo contractors with a solo mind-set in general bid writing. This is why the firm has captured so many larger companies; more so than many other bid writers have been able to do in the past. Neil’s team has a large group of multinational firms they’ve written bids for and upon acceptance of those bids, they easily move on to the next assignment. It’s amazing what a little teamwork can accomplish.

Neil feels that his team is cohesive and able to extract that ‘business model’ that is so important in writing bids for jobs and funding. He recognises that independent contractors are equally talented, but not being a member of a team perhaps hinders them from presenting a bid from a corporate perspective. In any event, Executive Compass has its own needle pointing upwards and northwards and they are growing by leaps and bounds. Kudos to this one man with an entrepreneurial spirit who has put together a team of bid writers who go the extra mile.