Franking machines are some of the devices that have been around for the most extended period now. Since the first machine in the year 1884, Franking machines have evolved to innovate new and advanced devices that perform complex tasks. Despite this change, some people are still unaware of the value and features of a franking machine. There are many cases of companies getting fined for using the wrong postage for mails. If this is your case, this is the right article for you. 

Below are the features of a franking machine perfect for your business.

1. Feeding

The feeder is one of the main features of a franking machine. Every machine comes with it. This feature’s primary function is to route mails for postage application through the machine’s meter. The feeder varies according to the type of franking device you are using. This feature brings out the difference between the various types of these machines. Some of the feeders are manual, while others are automatic. When the feeder is manual, you have to hold the letters under the machine’s meter. You can also find semi-automatic feeders in the market today. There is also high-end equipment that automatically processes emails without human input. You only need to stack-up the envelopes, and the machine will prepare them by pressing the right button.  

2. Stamping

Automatic stamping is another feature of a franking machine that is essential for your business. In many cases, we have seen letters that don’t have a postage stamp. This stamp is a marking in ink placed in the position of stick-on postage. You may be wondering how the labeling got there, especially when you are not in an organization that sends letters or other documents out regularly. It is good to look at stamping as one of the franking machine features to understand better. The machine allows you to enter a franking amount on a keyboard. The amount gets printed on an envelope, inserted in the device. Depending on the type of franking machine you are using, the franking prices get calculated on the built-in scale. Nowadays, companies choose to forgo regular postage stamps instead of rubber stamp markings, sticker labels, and metered markings. 

3. Accounting

One of the vital features of a franking machine is the ability to do automatic accounting for your business. You can log in and monitor every outgoing expenditure, which benefits your accounting department. If you run a business operation, you understand how stressful it can be to keep within the budget. Owning a franking machine is a connected solution to help your business keep right and track all the mailing expenses. If you have no idea how to find the perfect franking machine for your business, you can visit this page because the kind of franking device you purchase depends on the nature of your business. Other considerations include the speed you want and the amount you are willing to spend. It is best to read reviews before making the purchase. Using the best franking machine, you don’t have to change the rates manually; it automatically uploads itself to the device’s memory.

4. PIN Protection

A crucial feature of a franking machine is the capability to protect PIN. The feature offers you peace of mind with security assurance. It also guarantees you of accountability and accuracy of any outgoing mails. For any business to grow, there is a need for accountability. The code protection allows you control of the machine. It gives you precise details on the people who access the device and what they do with it. If you own a business, it is vital to weigh the need for investing in mail security. Security threats have a significant impact on your business. From temporary closure to harm clients and employees, the PIN protection feature ensures you avoid these possible consequences. 

5. Auto-Sealing

Thanks to the fantastic franking machine features, you don’t have to worry about many envelopes stacking awaiting sealing. The machine has a built-in feature that allows for automatic sealing business documents. It saves you time for sealing it yourself. Automatic sealing also gives room for efficiency, which in turn helps boost business productivity. It is a significant investment for your business. With this feature, it also means that your business is going to be around the clock. You can process urgent documents without stress and have them delivered on time. It is an excellent professional tool that can help retain most customers and business partners.

Today, we have various labor-saving innovations in the business field, but none can surpass a franking machine. The features in the device provide entrepreneurs with a better way of printing and sending documents effectively. It saves the business time and also postal service costs when dealing with mass documents. You can choose to rent or purchase a franking machine depending on your business circumstances.