A unique musical instrument that was used to play the theme tune for one of the most iconic children’s TV shows is being auctioned at a special event to raise money to help the Save Druridge group.

The Auto Harp has been donated by folk singer, Sandra Kerr who with John Faulkner wrote the music for the TV series Bagpuss and voiced the character of Madeleine Remnant (the rag doll). The instrument was previously owned by folk music legend Peggy Seeger who was married to the singer and songwriter Ewan MacColl until his death in 1989.

Also under the auctioneer’s hammer will numerous other items including a trip on the River Tyne donated by Highlights PR.

The star lot however, is a classic sports car, an MG donated by Max Tait, one of the Save Druridge members. The bright red sports car will be insured for a month, 12 months MOT, taxed and comes with a full tank of petrol.

The star prize is receiving a lot of attention as Max Tait explains:

“The car is my pride and joy but if the auction raises the money we need it will go a long way towards helping to keep Druridge Bay’s peaceful atmosphere and unique qualities. I’ll miss the car but would miss the lifestyle of Druridge even more`’

Supporters believe that If the mine were to start it would have a damaging effect on tourism at nearby Druridge Bay; dramatically increase numbers of HGVs on local roads, adversely affect local people’s health, destroy the fragile ecosystem and completely ignore the disastrous effects on climate change which burning coal causes.

Local people lobbied government to ‘Call In’ this decision as they feel that it is out of line with current planning and environmental policies.

The Save Druridge group are holding the auction on the afternoon of 8th April with viewing from 2.45pm in Cresswell Village Hall to raise funds to help fight Banks Mining’s plans to open a 3 million tonne opencast coal mine near the Northumberland coastline.