How the charity started

FND Hope’s grassroots campaign started in April 2012 when was created to expose the hidden world of Functional Neurological Disorder [FND]. FND Hope UK became a Not-For-Profit organisation on the 28th June 2017 and FND Hope Australia has also recently become a charitable organisation too, so our international presence is expanding, with other countries interested in working with us.

What is FND Hope UK Mission and Objectives

FND Hope UK advocates for men, women and children who have had their lives turned upside down by FND. Our aim is to promote awareness, support affected individuals and advance research.

We promote awareness through social media and educational leaflets which are disseminated to our FND and Medical community. Please do come and join us either on Twitter:, Facebook: or Instagram:

We also attend conferences such as the BPNA (British Psychiatry Association) and the 3rd FND International FND Conference where we help to raise awareness and provide educational information to medical professionals new to Functional Neurological Disorder.

FND Hope UK also coordinates a voluntary FND Patients Register in partnership with the Genetic Alliance to aid the advancement of new and ongoing research into Functional Neurological Disorder.

We also work with and collaborate with medical and allied health professionals to improve medical protocols and promote ethical standard through personal contact, advocacy and training.

What can we offer?

We have over 7 Peer to Peer Support groups on Facebook, one for each country, including one for Carers and a Mind, Body & Soul group to share positive and uplifting information on your wellbeing. They are closed groups, so everything is private and confidential and gives you the opportunity to talk with other FND Fighters.

Our website provides lots of information to help support you through your FND journey, including how to be diagnosed, symptoms you may experience, what treatment helps. You can find the information here

We also offer monthly webinars with leading FND specialists, and we encourage your involvement in these discussions with Q&A at the end of each session, which is a fantastic way to learn about Functional Neurological Disorder and any new research being conducted.

I Love Small Charities

We are taking part in Small Charity Week this year to raise awareness of our charity. It is so important and vital that small charities like us have our profiles raised to gain the attention and support needed to continue on our quest to meet our charitable objectives.

Do you want to know more? If so, then please do contact me at Thank you.

Ways you can support us

Do you want to be part of research for FND? Then please enrol onto our scientific registry:

You can fundraise for FND Hope in lots of different ways – see our website for just some of the options available