When you get a little bit tired of the look and feel of rooms inside your home, it can be a natural feeling to think it is time to modernise with new furniture and décor. However, sometimes it is a much better and easier idea to bring out the features of your home by getting creative with wooden furniture.

Here are some ideas that you could try:

Reclaimed wood – If you like to have something contemporary and eco-friendly, try looking for reclaimed wood furniture. There are so many different items that have been ‘upcycled’ from their former existence. You could try a new dining table or a coffee table made from reclaimed wood for an unusual furniture twist.

Interior doors – Your interior doors can make a huge difference to the feel of your home and switching from a plain white painted door to something like Oakwood doors internal doors could completely transform your rooms. Additionally, these types of doors are long-lasting and are great for draft exclusion and shutting out noise.

Wooden bed frames – Not only are wooden bedframes highly sturdy; they can bring a totally new feel to your room. If you have wooden flooring, a wooden bedframe will look great.

Drawers – It is only when you have a set of solid wooden drawers that you realise how much better they are than plastic or wooden-effect drawers. With the great range of designs available, your drawers can be upgraded from being just somewhere that you store clothes to the stand-out piece of furniture in the room.

Wooden frames – You can also accessorise your rooms with wooden frames, both for photographs and mirrors. Make your wooden framed mirror the focus point in your living room by selecting a stylish frame and shape.

Outdoor furniture – If you are looking to make the most of your outdoor living space, then wooden seating is a great option. With only a small amount of wood, you can create a wooden bench style corner area that just needs some cushions on to make a great place for relaxing outdoors. Ideal for large families or entertaining guests outdoors. You can even use wooden crates to make some reasonably priced but fantastic looking seating.

Decking – Wooden flooring also looks great outside, so if you want to spend more time outside, why not have some decking installed so you can set up all of your outdoor furniture on top of it. You can buy decking kits that are easy to install yourself, and you can even get decking with lighting, for an extra effect in the evening. Alternatively, you can even purchase decking tiles to simply lay on top of your current outdoor area, which is quick and easy to do.

Whatever kind of change you are looking for, there is so much that you can do with wood. From getting creative and building your own wooden furniture from cheap wooden items like shipping crates to simply accessorising your home with additional wooden features like mirror frames.