We must acknowledge that nowadays we spend a lot of time on Facebook, and to be honest, a good part of it is used for unproductive activities. If you are one of those that want to use Facebook in a useful way, and you want to find some ways to make money using this social media platform, then you are in the right spot, because today we’re about to give you some interesting ideas.

Refer-a-Friend Companies

“Word of mouth” advertising is one of the most efficient ways to sell products online. Big companies know that, and some of them had designed specific methodologies to advertise products or services.

Refer-a-friend bonuses are one of the ways to make money on Facebook, by recommending products or services that you already bought, to your friends. One of the most popular companies offering such bonuses is Ebates, but you can find much more online.

The advertising sector is one of the few industries with the highest growth potential, and that is why platforms such as Clicksdealer.com had developed businesses around different forms of advertising.  Building your own advertising business on Facebook will help you monetize a good part of the time spent on the social media platform.

Social Media Manager

Another “no-brainer” idea for you to monetize your time on Facebook is to apply for a social media manager position. You can get paid to manage either private business or corporate social media accounts, and you will have a lot of interesting tasks to do, like:

  • Creating Facebook ads
  • Monitoring ads metrics
  • Interact with people by replying to comments or answer to messages
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Gaining more business fans.

This is a great opportunity to work from home (in some cases even just part-time), and with flexible hours.

Create Facebook Ads 

If you are a creative person and you also have some online marketing skills, there are still a tone of companies advertising products or services of Facebook, in various ways. What these companies need are talented and professional individuals to do these marketing tasks in the most efficient way, one of them being creating Facebook ads for businesses and companies, and you could be one of them.

Of course, this requires a lot of study, practice, and you to accumulate experience, but all of this stuff can be done with little to no investment.