Mobile phones have come a long way since their inception – they are no longer just a device with which to contact, but they are also a handheld gaming system. Gaming smartphones are now a thing, combining cutting-edge technology with the latest software. The end result equals an incredible virtual experience. Here are five of the best mobiles to game on in 2020.

Razer Phone 2

Of course, named Razer Phone 2, there is an original Razer Phone, but the sequel is by far superior.

The 2 has a greater power capacity meaning the Razer is able to support any game, whether you enjoy playing free slots, or Candy Crush. An improved water resistance and dual lens high resolution camera means the phone can still operate as an ordinary smartphone would.

But, with louder speakers and brighter screen as well as en enhanced cooling system, the Razer is an incredible gaming investment. And, an investment it is with its price at an eye-watering £779.99. Definitely a price for a gamer rather than a normal smartphone user.

OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro certainly doesn’t advertise itself as a gaming phone, but its design and structure makes it perfect to be one. Sporting curved edges and no notch with a stupendous Dolby Atmos-compatible stereo speakers enhancing the audio, the Pro is a sight to behold.

Virtual reality brilliance is assured with an incredible performance from an upgraded Gaming Mode. A high refresh rate, an enhanced picture quality and the ability to block notifications and calls whilst playing, allows a gamer to immerse themselves completely in an efficient and slick device. Though it’s price (£504) is not exactly cheap.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei have stepped up their gaming success with the Mate 20 Pro. Boasting a fast processor, large storage, a huge battery and the smooth running of all its components, the Huawei can be described as an engineering and technological powerhouse.

Furthermore, given its status as a Huawei, the Mate 20 Pro can operate as a normal smartphone with its mobile photography appealing to a great number of users. And, priced at £389.99, it is by far the cheapest on this list.

Apple iPhone XR

Surely there had to be an Apple one, right? There certainly is with the iPhone XR thoroughly deserving a mention.

A super powerful processor, a generous 6.1-inch LCD screen as well as strong graphics performance and raw power, have certified the iPhone XR as a real gaming smartphone contender. And, given the abundance of games to choose from in the iOS library, the £519 price tag does not appear too over the top.

Asus ROG Phone

Asus rarely venture out of their laptop services, yet this little beauty of a smartphone must be looked at. The ROG Phone has an unreal incase cooling system whilst its large memory and fast and powerful processor has made this gaming phone just a smaller version of the brilliant Asus gaming laptops.

The quality of games is not lost either; the high refresh rate and 6-inch screen ensure good graphics whilst the sensitive AirTrigger sensors have the ability to improve action control whilst playing games. Despite its hefy £539.99 price tag, it’s surely worth a browse if not a purchase.