Dentist and Founder of The Humble Co., Noel Abdayem, shares his tips for a tooth friendly easter…

“The main thing to understand about the effect of sugar on the teeth is that sugar can cause tooth decay if the teeth are exposed to sugar often throughout the day. The more frequently sugar is ingested – the more chance there is of developing tooth decay. On the other hand, the longer the teeth are sugar free the more time they have to recover from the demineralisation effect caused by the sugar. Demineralisation is the removal of minerals (mainly calcium) from any of the hard tissues: enamel, dentine, and cementum. It begins at the surface, and may progress into either cavitation (tooth decay) or erosion (tooth wear). If the teeth are continually bathed in sugar – they can’t remineralise. What that means for Easter is that your teeth are much better off with you eating 3 easter eggs in one go rather than eating them one by one throughout the day. Sugar intake does not only affect the teeth of course, and here in the UK particularly we all need to consume less foods with added sugar in order to feel and look healthy.”

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