You have probably heard of a sales funnel. A sales funnel helps businesses turn cold prospects into leads. It is a visual representation of the journey from your many prospects’ first contact with your business up to a successful sale. The funnel has a wide mouth that tapers into its narrowest at the bottom.

Each step of your sales funnel is designed to lead qualified prospects down into the funnel. Those that are not fit for your offer are dropped along the way. It is a lead generation tool that is a must for every business. 

One way to make your sales funnel more strategic and targeted is through a survey funnel. Through research, planning, and an efficient survey software tool, you can create an effective survey funnel to boost your sales.

What is a Survey Funnel?

Businesses can immensely benefit from an effective survey funnel. A survey funnel is very much like a sales funnel, except that it allows you to identify and separate certain groups within your target customers. For example, you have four different kinds of offers with each offer targeting different segments of your customers. How do you identify these groups and direct them to the relevant product offering created specifically for their profile?

Through a survey funnel, you engage your prospects in a personalized manner, speaking to their wants and needs. Personalized content can speak more to your target and can help your conversion rate. 

There are no pre-made survey funnels because a successful survey funnel is made for specific behaviors, traits, and demographics of your target audience. 

There are three techniques used to implement a survey funnel: a survey, a two-step form, and an assessment.

Survey. A survey allows you to gain important information about your target audience and prospects. Their responses can help you develop your content and tailor-fit your marketing efforts. You can combine your survey with gifts that your prospects cannot say no to. Let them complete a lead capture form so you will know where you will send your gift. A survey with not more than six questions is enough. You can also make use of open-ended questions to get their unrestricted response. 

Two-Step Form. In a two-step (or three-step) form, you ask your prospects about themselves. They will choose their response from a set of choices. The second question will be for their contact information.

Assessment. Sometimes called a quiz, here are some examples of an assessment: “What type of a Leader are you?”, “Which Harry Potter character are you?”, and “What animal were you in your past life?”. It is a fun way to engage your prospects, where you give them a customized assessment based on their answers. Add an option where they can share their results on social media to promote your lead generation efforts. Another technique is to ask them to enter their email address where you can send their results.

Benefits of Survey Funnels to Your Prospects

Survey funnels do not only benefit you, but they also benefit your prospects. Through a survey funnel, you get to know your prospects more. In return, you can give them what they want and what they need. 

To be able to do this, you must create a survey funnel that aims to solve your prospects’ unique problems. Through your surveys, you will be able to do the following:

  • Give a better and meaningful service. They allow you to address the concerns of your prospects and deliver the right content at the right time.
  • Engage with your customers. 

Benefits of Survey Funnels to Your Business

Of course, your survey funnel efforts aim to improve the services that you offer. When you offer better services and products, your sales will definitely see an improvement. Through your survey funnels, you will also be able to get the pulse of your prospects and target customers. You get accurate answers about your market, which can help you rise above the competition.

Common Applications of Survey Funnels

Basically, survey funnels apply to almost all kinds of businesses. Here are some common uses of survey funnels that you can also use for your own marketing campaign. 

  • Recommend the right offer
  • Get more sales during holidays
  • Promote special plans and membership programs
  • Promote a partnership and giveaway promo
  • Use it to collect emails for engagement

A survey funnel is a great marketing tool because not only does it allow you to create a specific message to different segments of your audience, it also allows you to understand your audience more. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.