Bitcoins are the digital currency, where the transaction of bitcoins happens over the internet. Bitcoins are not a physical entity. They are virtual currencies, composed of 0’s and 1’s. A bitcoin exchange is uses app like, which acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller. A bitcoin exchange is the same as normal brokerages, where the buyer will be setting the order limit for the best prices with an exchange. Then the trader will sell the coins below or equal to the order limit when the seller satisfies the buyer’s order limit. This article discusses the process of bitcoin exchange and a guide in choosing a genuine bitcoin exchange in the following sections.

How a bitcoin exchange function?

To transact bitcoins through exchanges, a user has to first register with an online bitcoin exchange. The registration will be followed by a series of the verification process, to authenticate the user’s subsequent accesses. After the verification process, the user will be opened with an account, where they have to first deposit, before buying coins. The payment method for depositing in exchange varies from exchange to exchange. Some exchanges might support credit or debit cards, direct bank transfers, drafts, PayPal, bank wire, and lots more. So, choose a site that is as per your payment method.

How to choose a bitcoin exchange?

The Bitcoin software will be like a computer application or mobile application, where the users will be provided with wallets consisting of private and public keys, to send and receive bitcoins. As the money exchanges are very complex, it is necessary to properly choose, bitcoin exchanges and brokers. Let us see some of the factors mandatory for choosing perfect online bitcoin exchanges.


Investors and traders will always be in search of a chance to buy or sell currencies when the bitcoins are traded in the market. For an exchange, it is always necessary to keep an eye on liquidity, which refers to the ability to promote assets, without any impacts on the price value. When there is a large number of buyers and sellers, there will be high liquidity. The reputed and largest bitcoin exchanges possess greater selling prices. Because of this feature, the network grows and attracting more people to join the network.


We all know that there is no intermediary in a bitcoin system, and hence they are not regulated with a predefined set of rules and regulations like a traditional currency system. So, because of this, there are many benefits like reduced transaction cost, fast transaction, highly secured, and anonymous. But in the future, the government might impose control over the bitcoin transaction, as many illegal activities started to exploit the pros of bitcoin anonymity. So, it is always safe to notice the location of the bitcoin exchange and confirm whether bitcoins are allowed in the location. The buyers and sellers in the bitcoin trade must also ensure the region-specific rules and regulations for the bitcoins, to safely trade the bitcoins.


The fees imposed for depositing and withdrawing in bitcoin exchange depends on the selection of payment method. Every debit card and credit is charged back, once the customers disagree with the transaction or return the shopped goods. If the chargeback is higher, the fee incurred by the exchange will also be high. When the customer chooses, bank wire, or bank draft as the payment method, have less chance for chargeback and while using a credit card and debit card, there is a greater risk of chargeback. Based on the currency accepted by the bitcoin exchange, a bitcoin user will be incurred fees for currency exchange fees, apart from fund transfer fees and transaction fees. To avoid currency conversion fees, always choose a bitcoin exchange, which accepts your local currency. Every bitcoin exchanges, incur a transaction fee, which depends on the amount of Bitcoin transaction. A foreign bitcoin exchange depends on the liquidity of the currency value of the Bitcoins.

Thus, this article has discussed various factors required to know before choosing an online biotin exchange. By selecting proper brokerage between the buying and selling of bitcoins, the time and cost involved in making a bitcoin transaction can be reduced.