Dyke House Sports and Technology College (Dyke House), in Hartlepool is so keen to share with parents, the background to the Progress 8 measure, which is the new marking scheme introduced by the government, that they have produced a brochure.

Progress 8 aims to recognise each child individually, taking their academic progress into account, with every grade achieved by a student, being equally important. It measures each child’s progress against similar students from similar areas, regionally and countrywide. This is designed to ensure all schools fulfil the potential of each and every student, across a broad and balanced curriculum, from the time they leave primary school.

Andrew Jordon, Executive Principal at Dyke House, Hartlepool said, “The British education system has been described by some, as a one size fits all, for too long. With the old measure of 5 A* – C grades, which is used to describe GCSE success, falling under continuous scrutiny, the introduction of the new Progress 8 marking scheme has come at a time of need.

“We believe that the new marking scheme will have a very positive effect on our current and future students. At Dyke House, we strongly support all our students to be the best that they can possibly be, no matter what their background, by providing a wide range of extra-curricular and added value support, along with a high standard of academic study. Progress 8 will certainly help recognise this effort. We are proud of our progress as a school and are very happy that our Progress 8 score reflects this”.

Andrew Murphy, Head of School at Dyke House, added “This is such an important and exciting time for the future of our students and education in general. We believe that all parents should have a full understanding of Progress 8 and what the score of each school means, which is why we have produced a brochure, to explain what it is all about. Any parents that would like a copy, either ring us at Dyke House or alternatively a copy can be found on our website”.

Dyke House is one of 20 academies – 10 primary and 10 secondary, sponsored by the Northern Education Trust.