If you’re looking for inspiration on where to travel next, you may be interested in new research that suggests you should follow your senses and select a destination based on colour.

Every holiday should be unique to the individual, in the same way that each holiday destination is unique to another. Trips abroad bring fresh experiences of architecture, culture, and weather, but Sovereign Luxury Travel knew there was more than this to be explored. They studied the world’s most iconic locations in their simplest form and discovered the colours that will greet you when you arrive in a new country. This created a diverse array of colour palettes representing each country.

Psychology suggests colour could have a significant effect on our mood, with bright colours boosting feelings of happiness and energy. Have you ever considered colour when deciding on a holiday destination?

Here are five countries’ colour palettes that offer new insight into their culture and environment. This is a new form of travel inspiration based on sensory experiences far greater than those that can be provided from pictures posted onto a social media platform.


Are you a fan of the bold and bright? Thailand may be the destination for you as this Asian country boasts bright market stalls and neon lights in a range of reds, pinks and greens and vibrant natural scenes of clear blue skies and greenery.

Thailand has the brightest range of colours in its colourscape. As you can see, Thailand’s iconic locations are built from tones from bold oranges, reds, and pinks to vibrant and deep greens to clear blues.

One of their famous landmarks for tourists to explore is Bangkok’s Train Night Market in Ratchada. This huge outdoor market plays music as loud as the colours that burst from the stalls in shades of blue, red and pink.

In the evenings, Bangkok’s sky is filled with neon lights and brightly coloured Tuk Tuks, emitting rich reds, oranges and deep blues, reflecting the countries fun atmosphere.

Famous for its long-tail boat tours and access to diving sites off the nearby islands, Ao Nang’s beautiful sandy beach and towering greenery surroundings can be found in southern Thailand’s Krabi Province. This picturesque beach adds deep shades of green and blue to Thailand’s colour palette.

Wiang Kum Kam, a historic settlement and archaeological site along the Ping River is home to bold stone statues and golden architecture, creating great contrast against the ultramarine sky.

Greek Islands

Looking for a fresh start to the year? Explore the Greek Islands, perfect for experiencing the calming hues of blue. Filled with a clear blue and bright white colour palette, these islands are idyllic if you are in need of a relaxing break.

The colourscape on the Greek Islands includes hints of warm tones including salmon pinks and mustard yellow but is mostly made of a spectrum of blues from cloudy, to crystal, to deep.

Known for its rugged landscape and whitewashed cubiform houses, Santorini is located on one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. This island is decorated with blue roofs and peach and mustard yellow houses along the hillside.

Mykonos, also an island in the Cyclades group, is drenched in shades of blue from the sea, sky and painted window shutters and balconies.

Rhodes, the island group’s historical capital’s stark dark green foliage stands boldly against white buildings and light blue sky.

Crete also has a unique character with its historical architecture such as Minoan palaces, Medieval Castles and Ottoman mosques while the buildings along the port paint the island with shades of yellow and orange.


If you enjoy the muted hues of orange, pink and brown, Egypt should be next on your bucket list. With its tan desert, architecture and archeological structures, these earthy tones will make you feel in tune with Egypt’s culture and warmth.

The Giza Plateau is home to many iconic monuments such as the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx, and the Solar Boat Museum. This land is filled with warm tones of cream and light brown as sand covers as far as the eye can see.

Egypt’s capital Cairo has Tahrir Square at its’ heart, full of grand, sandy coloured architecture towering tall against the grey buildings below adds to the nude colour palette, even in its urban landscape.

Aswan, the southern strategic and commercial gateway contains iconic archaeological sites like the Philae temple complex and bright blue buildings that blend into the sky, adding stark contrast to its’ surroundings.

The Karnak Temple Complex comprises of a vast mix of ancient temples, chapels and pylons, adding to the tan colourscape.

Caribbean Islands

Hit the beach and relax while experiencing the bright character and charm these islands have to offer. The Caribbean Islands’ are renowned for their colourscape as it is full of bold reds and yellows against natural hues of blues and green.

These Islands are known for their tranquil turquoise seas and tan sandy beaches such as those in Barbados in Jamaica, and Bavaro in Dominican Republic, adding soothing touches of blue and nude, the perfect surroundings for your next trip. On the other hand you can go to places like Africa to enjoy eco-friendly holidays  such as https://africansafari.io/ 

This colourscape shows there is a lot more to be found in the Caribbean Islands with pops of bright colours highlighting the personality that resides there. Brightly painted buildings and flags decorate St. Johns in Antigua with pops of yellow and orange.

Havana in Cuba also oozes vibrancy with coral and teal buildings, showing the lively character of this country, famous for its live salsa and many bars and clubs.


Italy’s colourscape is filled with every colour of the rainbow and is made mostly of warm tones with vibrant oranges and browns as well as a spectrum of bright blues, purples and pinks.

Most of these warm hues can be found in Rome and Tuscany. The Colosseum in Rome is the grandest oval amphitheatre ever built and its golden limestone stands boldly in the centre of the city, contrasting against the bright blue sky.

Florence in Tuscany is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, and the Duomo cathedral, which towers above the cream buildings with a deep terracotta-tiled dome.

Bolder colours are located in Venice and Salerno. The Grand Canal in Venice forms one of the major water-traffic corridors and is brimming with narrow houses painted different bold shades.

Take a trip to the fishing villages on The Amalfi Coast in Salerno to see their iconic pastel-colored houses painted varying shades of green, yellow and pink.

Kit Smith, Travel Expert at Sovereign, comments: Whether travellers are looking to explore sweeping amber landscapes on a safari holiday, or simply relax in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, each destination has a distinctive colour palette that you may not even notice until it’s laid out in front of you.

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