2020 saw tourism curtailed massively. Dreams of holidays in exotic locations remained exactly that, just dreams. Hoping that next year will bring a return to some form of normality for the UK and being positive here are some places that you might want to plan to visit in the future.

Anyone can enjoy these locations for many reasons but for gambling fans these are some of the best and most exciting places to visit. Some are infamous, some are in beautiful locations and some are just classic haunts for professional and regular casino goers. There are a few wild cards too so before you make any plans to visit all of them watch out for those!


For many people when they think of James Bond they think of girls, guns, fast cars and casinos. In fact it’s hard to believe he doesn’t visit a casino in every movie but there are some exceptions. One of the more exotic looking casinos was in Skyfall and was supposed to be in Macau. Sadly the beautiful looking scene was made purely for the movie, however there are many reasons to visit Macau.

The Chinese peninsula of Macau is only 11 square miles but in that space it houses 26 casinos including the world’s biggest casino resort – the Ventian Macau. This colossus holds 4,000 slot machines and 800 gaming tables and cost nearly $2.5 billion to build. Macau is so popular with gamblers that it now takes in more gambling revenue than Las Vegas. There are also many other attractions in Macau including the Giant Panda Pavilion and the Ruin’s of St Pauls.

Monte Carlo

No list of gambling destinations would be complete without including Monaco and Monte Carlo in particular. If you head to this destination then you will want to dress up for a glamourous night out. Famed for royalty and high rollers this is a place where gambling is still chic and the complete opposite of Las Vegas with it’s hen nights and bachelor parties.

Monaco is a tiny principality but full of glamour. It can be accessed very easily by coming in from Nice in France and the whole of Monaco is only 2 square miles.

South Africa

Sun City is based around 90 minutes north-west of Johannesburg. Aside from all the usual gaming like poker and slots there is also a gaming school where novices can learn new skills and etiquette for poker, blackjack, craps and roulette.

The complex is not just for gambling however. There is a golf course designed by Gary Player, a crocodile sanctuary and a huge water park. Of course if you have come to South Africa then you need to also try and spot the big five on a safari. You can go to Pilanesberg National Park and try and tick these amazing creatures off your list; lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and the buffalo.


Nassau and Paradise Island have been favourites with gamblers for a long time and it’s easy to see why. Impressive casinos sitting on the oceanfront of beautiful Bahamian islands for night time and sunbathing on the beaches in the daytime. Another destination for James Bond, Nassau has plenty to offer, it is the capital of the Bahamas and apart from gambling you can take part in many outdoor activities, sailing tours and cruises. There are historic sites to visit and you can take part in food tasting and cultural tours too.

Las Vegas

No list would be complete without including Vegas. Home to 136 casinos in the Las Vegas area and 51 alone on the strip. Nearly 50 million people visited Vegas in 2019, that was 8 million more than the previous year. Sadly Covid-19 has brought Las Vegas down to her knees this year with a low of only 150,000 visitors in May. Casinos are now opening again though and although they are operating at reduced capacity and with safety restrictions in place numbers are starting to improve.

Not everyone goes to gamble in Las Vegas and there are many other reasons to visit. Known to many as the entertainment capital of the world there are many shows by household names such as David Copperfield and Barry Manilow. There are magic shows, singers and acrobats. Big boxing matches are often held in Las Vegas with some of the biggest fights ever occurring there. You can also go on a Mafia Mob Tour to learn about some of the more infamous events to have happened in Las Vegas.


Any visitor to Goa could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t quite in India. In fact it was still a colony of Portugal up until 1961. While Goa has the same friendly people as the rest of the country and the same unforgiving heat (try to avoid May) there are many things that are different. You can find pork on the menu, alcohol is freely available and all night parties are not exactly unknown. It is also one of the only places in India where you can gamble, even online casinos are illegal here.

There are about a dozen casino/hotel resorts which all remain busy however you may be more interested in the floating casinos that follow the Mandovi River. Enjoy the sunshine or swimming pool in between hitting the card tables and slot machines.

And for a few places you shouldn’t gamble in

Undoubtedly beautiful countries that they are, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia may not be the best places for gambling. If you end up in one of these destinations on holiday be wary before indulging in any games. If you are caught playing cards in Laos or Thailand you can expect at least a fine and quite possibly some time in prison depending on the severity of the crime. You can however visit casinos in Laos and Cambodia which cater to visitors to their countries. A word of warning however, in Poi Pet a wild west style Cambodian border town there are casinos offering to let you gamble with no collateral or cash……you can decide if that is wise and what might happen if you lose.

If you can’t travel then the best option might be just to find a good online site and play your favourite games there. You might also receive a casino bonus for signing up. All the online casinos offer the most popular games like blackjack, poker and slots. You can place sports bets and even bet on virtual horse racing. Wherever you go or however you play make sure you bet safely and have fun.