If you’re a bit of an interior design lover, you could probably look around your home and spot a whole host of attractive-looking things.

From furniture to furnishings, carpets, tables, televisions and even all the way down the cutlery and crockery you use, you’ve probably spent a fortune on making your home look beautiful and attractive, so whenever anyone pays you a visit you can be proud of the place you call home.

But have you really done everything you can to add style and value to the place you spend your downtime?

Have you taken all the steps to upgrade everything you possibly could, or are there one or two things that still need a little improvement?

Chances are there’ll be a few things you already have in mind, but if you’re like a lot of people I know, the last thing you’d think about – that could add a considerable amount of value to your home – is your radiators.

Believe it or not, upgrading them could not only save you money on your heating and energy bills, but selecting the right one for each room could add a serious amount of money to the value of your property, and here’s why.


Right now, the chances are that the radiators you have in your home are a little bland to look at and have a few years of service under their belts.

I’d wager that you have a standard convector radiator under most windows, just like a lot of people -after all, in the UK alone, there are over 190 million radiators adorning the walls of properties up and down our little island.

I’d also assume that although they are a similar style, they’re very likely not to match exactly in terms of their colour and finish

But taking the time and spending some money on replacing these tired-looking metal boxes and installing some good quality designer radiators to replace them can go a long way to increase your home’s value and help to enhance the look of every room.


The days of radiators simply providing a heating function are long gone.

A modern designer radiator or towel rail can be just as much a part of your interior design ethos as a rug, a piece of artwork or ‘a.n.other’ feature in any room anywhere around your home.

This point would explain the reason behind the increasing number of coloured radiators that have sprung up on the market.

Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to find outlandish colours like pink, yellow and orange being used to finish modern radiators – and the effect it has on the look, feel and value of a home cannot be overstated.

Perhaps it is time to abandon the belief that radiators are just a piece of metal that brings warmth to a space, maybe we should see contemporary radiators for what they really are – an extension of your interior design.

Taking this viewpoint has many benefits, all of which will help to enhance your living experience and transform how you see your home’s heating system.

It’s not uncommon to find interior design specialists using contemporary radiators as the main feature of a space, lending even more credibility to the belief that heating appliances have now become a fundamental part of a room’s overall aesthetic.

But, what if you aren’t a fan of modern?

What if you’re more of an old-school traditionalist?

Is there a way to add value to your home in an older, more vintage style?


If you’re lucky enough to own a period-style Victorian property, to give it that authentic feel, you’re going to want to install a heating system that is in keeping with the rest of the house.

A few simple flat panel convector radiators residing on the walls just aren’t going to cut the mustard – any potential buyers will take one look at those tired-looking metal boxes and quickly turn tail to move on to a home that offers a little more.

A combination of modern design and vintage looks can really help to enhance the feeling of authenticity and a way to achieve this – without financially crippling yourself – is with a cast iron style column radiator.

Helping you to achieve an almost identical effect as you might with a cast iron radiator, these modern column designs are more lightweight, quicker to heat up and at times around half the price of a genuine cast iron radiator.

But they have the same effect of adding to your home’s period authenticity, helping to create a look that is timeless and value-adding – increasing the prospect of a higher valuation for your home.

Any potential buyer worth their salt is going to take one look at a space like this and be instantly impressed by what they have found, taking a step closer to signing off on a purchase.


We aren’t going to tell you that replacing all the radiators in your home is going to dramatically increase the value of your property overnight, but it WILL help in the longer term.

Any future suitor is going to be mightily impressed if they look around and find radiators that tie the property together.

They’re going to be relieved that a lot of the legwork in adding the important finishing touches to each room has already been done and they’ll thank you for it when it comes to making a financial decision.

And it’s not just us that is saying this, either.

The experts at a host of property magazines and periodicals have said the same – “Designer radiators WILL add value to your home” – so maybe it’s time you made the change; your home AND your wallet might thank you for it.

What have you got to lose?

Good luck & happy heating!