If you log onto carbonclick.com, there are several businesses, brands, and people who claim to cancel carbon, which seems to be unavoidable emission. The neutrality of carbon begins with reduction. It is an effort that is concentrated to produce less waste and utilize more renewable energy. When reduction reaches its limit or a threshold which is thought to be comfortable, the carbon offsets then makes up for the rest.

What Are Carbon Offsets?

They are a type of trade. When an offset is bought, projects which reduce greenhouse gas emission are bought. The projects then update factories and power plants, restore forests, or increase the efficiency of energy in transport and buildings.

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They let you pay to reduce the global GHG instead of coming up with impossible or radical reductions on an individual level. The GHG emissions mix very fast with the air and unlike the other pollutants, they spread on the entire planet.  Due to this, it does not really matter where the reduction of the GHG  happens as long as fewer emissions happen in the atmosphere.

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Six Troubling Types Of Emissions

When greenhouse gas traps the earth’s heat in the atmosphere, planes, cars, power plants, and factories all tend to emit GHG. At carbonclick.com, the six troubling types of emissions are defined which include:

  • Carbon Dioxide: When fossil waste, fuels, and plant matters burn, they all emit carbon dioxide which is the most common GHG emission
  • Nitrous Oxide: Combustion of fossil fuels and the treatment of sewage both produce nitrous oxide. But when it comes to fertilizer and the soil for agriculture management, they are the ones that release most of the potentially harmful emissions.
  • Methane: Livestock, landfills, activities in the agriculture sector and coal production, natural oil and gas all generate methane, which is an emission that is far much toxic and powerful than carbon dioxide.