Finding a restoration company you can trust is a big deal. When a contractor works on your home, you need to know that it is going to be done to a high standard. Of course, if you haven’t worked with them before, it can be hard to tell if they can provide the level of service that you expect.

The following are some of the ways you can tell if a restoration company is trustworthy.

Fast Response

When you have an emergency, you will need to find a company that can act fast. Reacting quickly and getting to the scene without delay can really inspire trust. Also, consider how quickly do they get back to you after your initial inquiry. Sometimes companies lose business because they take days to reply to emails, and rightly so. The better restoration companies will be able to answer your questions promptly.

They Have the Relevant Licenses

This is vital when using professional services to restore your home, but some companies do not have the right licenses. If they are not legitimate, then you could find yourself in trouble later down the line. Make sure you ask about their licenses. The better companies will proudly show you theirs.


Reviews will give you an idea as to how previous clients have rated their experience. However, the larger companies will still have a handful of negative reviews. This is to be expected. For example, there are many Service Master reviews, and most are positive—but even they have one of two negative remarks. Pleasing everyone is difficult. It’s an overall positive trend that you want to see. In fact, if a company has nothing but five-star reviews, you might investigate further to ensure they’re real reviews.

They Have the Expertise

The staff of the company you select should have years of experience in dealing with different restoration projects. Not only should they be able to tackle flood damage, but also mold cleanup and fire restoration. Whatever your needs, they should have a professional looking website that details the level of services they offer.

Word of Mouth

Somewhere, out of all your family and friends, there will be someone who has used a restoration company. If they had a positive experience, then the company might be worth looking into. Sometimes, the best way of finding a good level of service is by speaking to someone who recommends them to find out why.

The Company Knows the Insurance Process

If you are claiming through insurance, then the more experienced restoration companies will have dealt with them on numerous occasions. They can help give you advice on how to file your claim and can do so in a timely manner.

Whatever your reason for needing a restoration company, the whole process can be stressful. When it comes to damage to your home, you will often expect the worst. This shouldn’t be the case when it comes to your company of choice. BluSky Restoration Contractors will make the whole process run smoothly, giving you peace of mind