What is stock trading?

You would have heard some words like investing in the stock market, buying shares, selling stocks, etc. They all belong to the process of stock trading. Stock trading is the buying and selling process of shares of a publicly-listed company. A public company is the one whose capital is divided into shares, and the public can buy them via a trading broker or securities firm. A securities firm is a company that facilitates the processes of buying and selling stocks for a small charge. People can make use of these firms to trade online. Their services will include securities brokerage, financial trading advisories, investment banking, and other banking services. Securities firms are also known as brokerage firms. People believe in large brokerage firms than small or new firms out there in the market. A reliable firm will have many employees and will do a variety of services. According to the need of the traders, a person from one of the departments in the firm will deal with him. In this article, let us discuss the working of a securities firm in brief.

Working of various departments of securities firms

A securities firm will be responsible for any investment activities such as stocks and bonds trading, portfolio management, etc. There are various departments within a securities firm based on the size of it. Some of these departments and their functions are listed below.

Sales department

It is responsible for the employee selection for the firm. Along with this, the members of the sales department will interact with the individual retail investors regarding their investment processes like stock and bond trading. An investment advisor can help as a stockbroker. If you are looking for a mutual funds consultant or a life insurance sales officer, an advisor from the sales department of a securities firm will be the best option.

Financing department

It is the department of securities firms that deals with the finances of both corporate and government institutions. Corporate companies will require assistance in trading stocks and bonds, while the government institutions will need advice on treasury bills. These departments are responsible for coordinating securities and follow-ups.

Trading department

The trading department of a securities firm focuses only on various trading actions like stocks, bonds, and other financial elements. They will also deal with Treasury bonds, municipal bonds, and corporate debts. Some institutions also help with mutual funds, commodities, or futures contracts.

Research and Portfolio Management

This department will consist of members specializing in fields like economics, financial research, etc. They will help all other departments with statistical and research data. The department will help in structuring and managing the portfolios of individual and company accounts.


If you are looking for an institution to carry over all the works involved in financial actions like trading, you can go with a securities firm. It can help you with the status of the market, strategies for a better investment, and much more. It is important to choose a reliable brokerage firm to protect your investments.