Beer is loved all over the world. Many people need a pint of beer to relax or to spend a nice evening with friends.

It is a very popular alcoholic drink, which has become part of the everyday life of adults.

But how is beer brewed and how does the brewery work? Few people know the process products for beer brewing, that’s why we decided to make a brief description of all the work behind it.

Brewing: let’s start with the ingredients

Beer is a beverage that has been produced for centuries. The history of beer is fascinating, some ancient peoples, such as Egyptians and Greeks, made this delicacy and drank it.

This was because the ingredients for producing beer are easy to find in nature. The recipe for this drink consists of:

  • Natural water
  • Cereals
  • Yeast
  • Hops

That’s all. Anyone who wants to make beer only needs these elements. Of course, there have been variations over time. Some brewers have decided to use barley to produce beer more simply. Other professionals combine different cereals such as wheat and rice. Moreover, there are modern processes for the production of gluten-free beers with a unique and particular taste.

So, anyone can guess that brewing is not a complicated procedure. Regardless, beer is loved because it has an intense, classic, and direct flavour.

The modern brewing system

Now it’s time to discover the modern brewing system. There are several steps that the master brewers follow to get a beer that is of excellent quality.

The first step is the malting. What does this mean? Well, the cereals chosen for the production of beer must be transformed into malt. The cereals are immersed in special tanks to obtain malt until germination takes place. Germination is obtained when a small sprout grows on the cereal.

Then the master brewers proceed with the milling. The latter can be dry or wet. Then they continue with the mashing, that is to say, the transformation of malt into the must.

When the must is ready, the brewers proceed with the boiling phase and insert the hops inside the mixture, an element that gives the beer its flavour.

Besides, there is fermentation. The sugars of the must transform into alcohol, through the use of special yeasts. The fermentation takes place at different temperatures, depending on the beer the factory wants to produce. Moreover, specific vessels are used to accomplish this procedure.

Finally, there is the Conditioning phase. It is the last step, the beer matures and ages, ready to be bottled and served. The time of conditioning may vary depending on the type of beer produced.

Additionally, some brewers prefer to filter the beer produced. In this way, they can obtain a drink with less waste and a refined taste, but less artisanal.

How do brewers store beer?

Beer doesn’t have an expiration date. Anyway, it’s better to consume it after the conditioning phase as soon as possible. Otherwise, its aroma is likely to change.

How to keep beer in the best way? Brewers store it in a dry, dark place with a fixed temperature. This is the best way to prevent beer from losing its wonderful taste.