The iGaming – otherwise known as online casino – industry has continued to grow globally throughout the past few years and projections show that trend is set to continue. The advancement of modern technology has played a major role in the development of iGaming, providing platforms for companies to grow and develop better software. On a more local level, companies are finding innovative ways to utilise modern technology. The North East is one area in particular where iGaming companies have had a profound impact on the local tech industry.

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The Importance of Technology Development

iGaming is, of course, an industry born from the advances in technology. However, since its inception, more innovative methods of betting online are coming to fruition. For example, you can play online blackjack at Betfair Casino through a range of different formats. Advances in live streaming and video software have allowed casinos like Betfair to offer games such as Blackjack in a live dealer dealt format that is accessible to players from any location.

As previously stated, the iGaming industry is showing continued growth and is therefore an area that can be a focal point for tech developers. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, iGaming companies need to offer a range of experiences in order to appeal to their audience. This results in the need for tech companies to develop user-friendly and engaging software. The competitiveness of developing and providing the software can breed innovation within the tech industry, leading to more entertaining and engaging user experiences.

iGaming Innovation Within the North East

Despite iGaming being a global industry, developers and other iGaming organizations are helping to enhance the reputation of the tech industry on a local scale. One organisation that is based in the North East is Bede Gaming, who focus on utilising technology to build more effective iGaming software and platforms. Bede Gaming have their headquarters based in Newcastle and have grown exponentially since the creation of the company back in 2011.

One of the key services that Bede Gaming provides is the integration of a centralised account that users can sign in to across multiple platforms. This means that the casino providers are able to track the data of their users and analyse customer behaviour. Bede Gaming’s software allows them to track this data across online platforms such as mobile apps and web browsers, as well as when customers enter land-based establishments that use the same system.

Bede Gaming have also recently been part of a partial acquisition by the Gauselmann Group, an organisation with a huge presence in the gambling industry. The group now plans to expand into the German gaming market as well as continuing to gain a foothold in the North American market. The growth of Bede Gaming that has allowed them to gain international recognition helps to strengthen the reputation of the local tech industry in the North East, and highlights the potential for other innovative organisations.

The iGaming industry looks set to continue to grow, which provides an avenue for tech companies to develop with. The example of Bede Gaming shows how local companies can grow within the industry, and this can provide hope and inspiration to other developing organisations.