When it comes to getting a problem resolved with customer services, we’ve all had bad experiences. We’ve all found ourselves on hold for more time than we have in any given day. We’ve all found ourselves waiting, and waiting, and waiting. And when you do get through to the other end, you might find you need to be re-directed to yet another department – more waiting. Thanks to this stigma, many people choose to take their customer service to social media.

The internet and the rise of social media makes it sound much more appealing. It’s something that we all hear about; it’s quicker, easier, and more personal. You get a more direct response, and it’s often much quicker. But is this actually the case? We don’t think so.

Recently, CALLCARE ran a campaign to try and ascertain if response times are actually better online. And they found that, especially in the case of Twitter, this is quite simply not the case. You can actually be waiting a lot longer to get your issues resolved if you take your complaint to social media. Personally? I can vouch for that experience.

Through respect for others, I won’t mention the company name. But it was a company within the electronics industry; computer parts in particular. I ordered computer parts for them, as I had done in the past. Previously, I’d had some issues and called customer support. Within about half an hour, I’d had a resolution in place and was very happy. This time, though? I took to their official Twitter page which promised ‘fast resolutions’.

24 hours later, and my tweet had not been responded to. So, I sent them a Direct Message. It took 48 hours for a single, stock answer response to come through. Safe to say that I wasn’t too impressed.

Negative issues on social media customer support

Having finally got a generic response, I replied asking for clarification and a rapid response. It took 24 hours for another response to come through…asking me to fill out a form or call customer support. So, I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never used that company again ever since. What I did do, though, was call their customer support helpline.

Explaining the tardy nature of their social media response, I was given a full refund within a 35-minute phone call. It was great, and it showed me that despite how much ‘better’ social media allegedly, is, it does not seem to do the intended job.

I’ve started buying from another provider who now uses only a live chat or a customer support hotline. It’s been much better; the problem I recently had was resolved in a few short moments. So, if you are looking for a way to get a speedy response, you should take CALLCARE’s example.

They’ve shown that it’s time to #takemeoffhold, and time to get a proper human response. Don’t always assume that social media will give you the best of both worlds; more often than not, it won’t. I’ve experienced personally poor response times more than once, and I assume that I’ll suffer from them again.

Don’t expect social media to be the cure-all solution to slow response times. Sometimes, it’s better to be on hold for 20 minutes than waiting hours, days even, for a response via social media!