Those with a disability, or those that care for someone that has a disability, recognise just how stressful transportation can be. Public transportation is not up to the required standard and is famously unreliable (and expensive) which means that even a simple journey can be made incredibly stressful and complicated.


Being able to travel and enjoy independence is important for everyone. Whether this is travelling to and from work, visiting friends and family or even a trip to the local store, these should be journeys that are simple and straightforward for all. Fortunately, things are improving for those with a wide range of disabilities thanks to the amazing advances in technology that have happened in recent times.

Adapted Vehicles

Most notably, this includes automobiles which can safely be driven by those with a range of disabilities. A range of adaptations can be made to a regular car to make it drivable for those with certain restrictions/limitations. A few examples include hand controls instead of pedals for those unable to use the pedals and a joystick instead of a steering wheel. In order to be able to drive legally, an individual will need to pass the driving test in one of these adapted cars and they will then only be licensed to drive a car with that specific adaptation.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Additionally, specialists like Allied Mobility can make adaptations to regular automobiles so that they can easily be accessed by wheelchair users. Through the use of a ramp or lift and a re-designed interior, it can be easy for a wheelchair user to enter/exit the vehicle and ride safely as passenger. This is ideal for all kinds of travel as it provides independence and eliminates the need to use public transportation. There are vehicles or various sizes available so it should be easy to find one which suits your particular needs.

Autonomous Driving

Looking ahead, it looks like things will certainly become easier for those with a wide range of disabilities with the move towards autonomous driving. While this still seems some way off with so many hurdles to overcome, the technology is almost there with many autonomous features already appearing in new vehicles. This will make getting around easy and safe for everyone and could have a huge impact on the disabled community.

Travel is an important part of life for everyone but it is not an area that is easy for all. This is particularly true for those with a disability as even a simple journey can be stressful and overly complicated. Things are changing, however, thanks to advances in technology which are making it easier for people with a disability to either drive themselves or to safely ride as passenger if they require the use of a wheelchair.