When we truly want to get away from the hustle of everyday life, our ideal getaway involves going to the beach or somewhere in the woods with a mountain view. For many of us, owning a vacation home means buying property far away from where we live. Very often, the purchase decision is informed by a visit or two. Before we know it, we are in love with the scenery and have already identified a property to buy. 

Years ago, deciding to rent out our home meant adding over to a management company. Then came innovation and these days the options are many. While it is nice to hand over to a management company, it is incredibly easy to manage the home when it is on Airbnb. 

One of the questions that everyone asks is how to effectively manage the property when you live in another city, and how to make your property as attractive as other fine Airbnbs around the location.  

Here are four popular tips used by the finest properties around the world.

Install Remotely Controlled Climate Control and Digital Keypad

A digital lock eliminates the need for your renters to have to pick up the keys as access can be granted by just sharing code. This is especially convenient for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t incur the cost of a front desk service, and secondly, there is no issue of misplaced keys or renters failing to return them. It also makes it convenient for latecomers as they don’t have to worry about picking the keys. Also, if it is a group staying in, they get to use the same access code. 

These locks are an incredible technology yet the operating principles are so basic. They are programmed to be active on check-in date and deactivate after checkout. 

Next, you might need to feature a controlled thermostat that can be integrated into the lock dashboard. It is an exceptional way of controlling your electricity bill as you can set the thermostat to energy-saving mode when the home is not occupied. 

Hire a Trusted Cleaning Company

This is perhaps the most critical part of running an Airbnb. While you can’t always be there, it is important to have someone to keep an eye on your property and clean after the guests are out. Your cleaning crew should have an eye for detail and assess the property for any damages before security deposits can be refunded. 

If your property is an area where there are several Airbnbs, you will have it easier locating a cleaning company. If your property is in the multicultural city of Toronto, you might need to consult a Toronto cleaning company that understands what a fine space in the city should look like. Some cleaning services will offer a package that includes toiletries while others ask you to provide the supplies and they do just the actual cleaning. 

If your property is in an area without many rentals, consult a local realtor to recommend a trusted cleaning company. Besides a great cleaning crew, it is nice to have a handyman in case an emergency arises. 

Have a Comprehensive Guest Book

Since the property will be mostly operated online with no front desk service, it is vital to have a way in which guests can share their experiences in your property. As the primary contact, the guests may not ask you all the questions in detail but they would be more comfortable providing some information in a guest book. 

Additionally, it is great to provide a book your guests can refer to in case of any eventualities. Some of the things this book should have include; a list of emergency contacts like a nearby hospital, a list of fun things they can try, a list of restaurant recommendations, and special instructions for any hard-to-operate appliances. 

Make sure you label your guest books and have them where the guests can easily spot them.

Know Other Owners in Your Area

This is especially a great way to get referrals, network, or allow you to accommodate larger groups. You might have a group of guests larger than you can accommodate and knowing properties around your area, you can arrange for the extra space. Also, when you are booked you can provide reliable recommendations to guests. 

While these great tips reduce the need to make physical trips to the home, a good homeowner has to make regular trips to check how things are going. Visit the property several times a year to ensure these tips are transforming your space into one of the finest Airbnb around.