With the world beginning to return to some form of normality amid the COVID-19 crisis, you might be eyeing up some deals. Many of us have had to be quite tight with our money this year given the challenges in the employment market worldwide. However, like many people you might have some eyes focused on the Black Friday deals which are coming in as we move into November. What, though, is the best to learn how to buy during Black Friday?

Here are some useful tips that might make your shopping somewhat less stressful.

Don’t buy something you will regret

So, the biggest mistake that most people make during Black Friday is they dive in with both feet and buy something without researching it. Before you make the purchase, always spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading reviews, reading debates on the content, and if possible, watching the product in action.

Make no judgement calls based solely on the price being a huge discount: there might be a reason it is so excessively discounted!

Always focus on reputable brands

Just as you should be reviewing the product, you should review the brand. If you are seeing a 4K TV on sale from a brand you have never heard of, do some reading into the brand. They might indeed be an unheralded up and comer that might offer tremendous value for money; but it might also be a fly-by-night outfit that sells garbage compared to the other bigger name brands they are competing with today.

Don’t always buy the latest release

A common mistake on Black Friday is buying something that is a new discounted release. This often works like this: a new release is made during Black Friday timing. The product is sold at a ridiculously up-marketed price but is ‘discounted’ to what is more likely to be the real price once the sales have died down.

Instead, it’s better to look at something that has been out for a period of time: this means you get a discount on the already discounted price after the post-release rush!

Compare retailers before committing

You might have seen something that you are looking for sold at a good price on Website A? But what about Website B? Or C? Or D?

It’s a tough thing to get your head around, but it is something we highly recommend that you commit to as soon as you can. Comparing retailers might get you an even better deal, or a better bundle, or even something like free delivery/installation thrown in.

Create accounts ahead of time

Last but by no means least, do yourself a favour and make accounts with the major companies you are likely to be buying from on Black Friday. Why? You might just find that the time that it takes you to make and register an account is the time that it takes for that time you really wanted to sell out. Be prepared, and you can often log in and get a deal before the stock vanishes!