Just about everyone on the planet knows that CBD products and supplements are pretty much everywhere now a days.  You can not only eat it, but you can also drink it, vape it, and even bathe in it.  And yes, there is still tons that we all need to discover and learn about it, there is no denying the science that has exposed all of the amazing and wonderful medical, health and wellness benefits that it can provide for you, especially when it comes to helping manage pain.

Here is everything that you are going to need to know about topical CBD lotions and creams.

Using CBD for Pain

One of the most common types of medical reasons that so many people are starting to switch over to CBD is to help them manage the amount of chronic pain that they suffer from, followed very closely by helping them manage their joint and arthritis pain.  But the big question that you are more than likely asking yourself is, does CBD really work at helping fix this?

The NASME, also referred to as the National Academies of Sciences, Medicine, and Engineering, went and evaluated date from decades of research that has been done in regard to cannabis.  These scientists concluded that in adults who were suffering from chronic pain, those treated with cannabis and cannabis type products were more than likely able to experience a very significant amount of reduction in their pain symptoms.  On top of that, the CBD was also able to help reduce the actual cause for the pain symptoms as well.

With all of that being said, there are a lot of these studies that have all been done on animals.  For an example, back in 2017, one of the studies that was published in Pain, highlighted how researchers were giving injections to have them mimic knee arthritis in rats.  These rats were then given either a dose of CBD or a saline solution directly into that particular knee joint.

The results revealed that the rats who received the CBD all showed much less inflammation in that particular joint area, as well as fewer pain-induced behaviors ( some of which included excessive shaking or having to withdrawal the affected paw or not having the ability to put weight on that particular paw) when compared to the other rats who had received the saline solution.

When it Comes to CBD Lotion Cream, does it Really Work?

It is very possible that you can get an effect when you use a topical CBD cream or lotion.  However, the research in this particular area is very unclear as the CBD that is applied topically is not going to reach your blood stream.  This is important as the CBD will need to be able to reach your blood stream in order for your body to utilize the health and wellness effects that it can give you.  So as for CBD based creams and lotions, it may be better to wait until the research is able to catch up before you get onto this particular CBD bandwagon.