Most people who live in the UK prefer streaming services as their only option for watching television. However, People who subscribe to cable or satellite face a relatively difficult time with this.

Anyone opting for Netflix and other internet-based services as their sole source of entertainment can easily change the service provider whenever needed. People who avail internet-based services usually have more options available at their disposal and more providers to choose from.

What is Streaming?

Streaming is a way of receiving and transmitting data (usually audio or video) over a computer network. The technology is different from video on demand as it is a video/audio that has already been recorded and stored on the provider’s server. Thus, the content remains accessible and available at all times.

In addition, most internet service providers now allow their users to download movies or TV shows to watch later. This means that the user may also choose to avail of on-demand streaming.

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What are Subscriptions?

These are paid services that give users access to an extensive library of videos for their chosen streaming service through an app or website interface. When it comes to subscriptions, different services are available at different prices. Each of these services offers different levels of access to their libraries.

Moreover, many providers offer a free trial period, allowing users to make their minds before purchasing the subscription until they feel satisfied with the service.

●        Netflix

It is a popular streaming service and is currently available in 190 countries. The platform is leading the way in media entertainment.

Thanks to its fine selection of content, Netflix has garnered great success so far. The platform offers multiple categories to choose from, including  Most Popular, Just for Kids, Movies, Documentaries, Anime & Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and many more.

There are also genre lists, including Action & Adventure, Comedy, Crime & Thrillers, Drama, Horror & Suspense, and Romance.

●        Amazon Prime Video

It is a part of Amazon’s ever-increasing service package and has recently made its way onto the UK market. It offers a similar streaming service like Netflix, with various films and TV shows from different studios. However, it also provides the option to purchase or rent some titles that are not available for free download.

●        Hulu

It is a joint venture between NBCUniversal, Fox, and ABC. Its subscription is limited to 12 months. This means that you can continue watching unlimited content until your paid membership ends. However, you may renew the subscription at any time and instantly.

●        BBC iPlayer

It is one of the most preferred services by many UK residents who switch to online streaming services.

It is a streaming service that gives users access to BBC channels for 12 months. After that, the user needs to register again if they want to continue using it. While the platform offers some free shows, most of them require a subscription.

So, how do you choose the best streaming service in the UK? Here are some valuable tips to help you out.

1. Cable or Satellite

Having cable or satellite television is often the best way to get the most channels for your money. However, if you plan to subscribe to many channels simultaneously, you may still need to pay a higher monthly cost.

When you consider it alone, this option can seem like a considerable expense upfront and while there are some ways to reduce the cost, it may not make much difference. Also, if you still want to watch traditional television broadcasts through your antenna instead of cable, the price may increase even more.

2. Streaming Services

Just as with satellite or cable television subscriptions, users must pay for each streaming service they wish to use individually. Since there are no exclusive streaming services, people can subscribe to as many or as few of them as they want.

However, it is possible to save money by subscribing to a combination of these services. In addition, with more and more companies providing entertainment through internet-based download services, the number of options is constantly increasing.

3. Internet Radio Subscriptions

If you prefer listening to music, several internet radio subscription services offer different channels at different prices. The user may also opt for these services individually.

4. Free Internet Services

These services are based on where you reside. While it may be possible to use free internet services provided by your local government or other public entities, these services are usually available only in specific areas. However, sometimes they offer more coverage than private providers.

5. Digital Antennas

Using a digital antenna will allow you to access local channels provided by any nearby TV stations for free. Even if your new home is in an area that doesn’t have nearby TV broadcasts, it is also possible to purchase large satellite dishes to access these channels.

The best way to find the streaming service that will work for you is to look at your options and decide what you want from your services. This way, you won’t pay for anything that you don’t want to use.

Final Thoughts

Even though more and more traditional channels are transitioning to internet-based services, some people may still desire to keep their cable or satellite television subscriptions.

People who want access to different types of entertainment simultaneously will face a more challenging time with this transition. However, if you evaluate all the available options, you can easily find the right combination of subscriptions.